Band Luneta Magic debut 'Quinta Copyright’ Elvis Pub alternative rock

The event will be held on Thursday, 25.
25/02/2016 10h47 - Updated 25/02/2016 10h47
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The authorial debut Thursday at The Beer Elvis Pub alternative rock. The Luneta Magic band will be headlining the event, What will happen when the last Thursday of the month. Or pub, located in Peru Street, nº01, Eldorado, opens at 19pm, and the show starts at 21h30. Artistic Couvert cost R $ 10. Doses of the famous 'jurupinga' will be served for women to ace 23h. Reservations can be obtained by phone: (92) 99411-2506.

Formed by Pablo Henrique Araújo (vocal and guitar), Erick Omena (guitar and voice), Eron Oliveira (drums) e Daniel Freire (bass and vocals), the band already has eight years of road. The first album "Tomorrow Will Be the Best Day of Your Life", It was released in August 2012. Recorded in Manaus, mixed and mastered in Argentina, the debut album was highly rated by critics, causing the band to participate in important shows in the city, as the Rock of Amazonas festivals, Until Tucupi and Amazon Music.

In March, complete one year of the release of second album, “In my chest”. The work has further expanded the scope of the band, combined with the launch of the clip “Lulu”, second CD track, which was featured in the main specialized music blogs country. The video was recorded in Manaus downtown streets, and has had more than nine thousand views on YouTube.

No show tonight, they promise to present, the best of these two works. "Our main focus has always been our copyright songs. So, the idea is to share our work with the audience of Elvis and still break to do homage to the artists that influence us. It will be fun!"Promet Erick Apple, one of the members.

Some of these artists are: Clube da Esquina, Caetano Veloso, The Beatles, Beach Boys, Kraftwerk, Topper, among others that influenced the musicality. "Largo San Sebastian" and "Mantra" are examples of songs that can not miss in the repertoire. Inclusive, the Luneta Magic is already working on the material for the next album, which is expected to launch in the first half of 2017, plus other news yet for 2016. "This promises to be a year of many achievements, we plan to launch quite audiovisual material in our social networks, circular for festivals and also produce significant events in Manaus "account Omena.

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