street bands and blocks stir Manaus Carnival 2016

There will be even a child bailinho in the Children's Town Park.
03/02/2016 15h39 - Updated 3/02/2016 15h39
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With tambourines full steam, 58 bands and blocks earn the streets of Manaus between Friday, 5, and Shrove Tuesday carnival,9, in different areas of the city. With support from Manaus Prefecture, through the Municipal Foundation of Culture, Tourism and Events (Manauscult), momesca the revelry still includes in its program the Parade of Samba Schools of the Special Group Manaus, “A”, "B" and "C" and the "Bailinho Kids" Park City Children.

“We managed to build a logistics operation that meets the large volume of bands and blocks throughout the Carnival. This is the period with the highest number of stage assembly actions, sound structure and lighting, as well as chemical toilets. The Municipality of the effort is to preserve the culture of street revelry in Manaus with safety and comfort for the revelers”, said the CEO of Manauscult, Bernardo Monteiro de Paula.

On Friday, 5, the Mauazinho neighborhoods, in the East, and St. George, in the West Zone, Bands perform "Mauazinhos in Folia" and "The King", respectively. Saturday No fat, 6, It is the turn of "Linguarudos" (Japiim 2), the "Virgin" (St. George), do “Castelo” (Mauazinho 1), do “Manoa” (Manoa), and blocks "Jaqueira" (God's city), "Black Tulip - Pack of dropped" (St. Anthony).

not Sunday,7, the revelry continues with more 17 bands, among them the "Theo" (Center), of "Haunted" (students), do “Santos Dumont” (Santos Dumont) and the block of the "Piranhas" (Sambadrome). On Monday, 8, more 14 bands and blocks take to the streets, as the "Block of dropped (St. Anthony), "Boiler Block" (Center) and "Block of Cabritas" (St. George).

At the height of Carnival, on Fat Tuesday, 9, more 19 bands will be held, between them, the "Manaus Rooster" (Avenida das Torres), "Band of Cabritas" (St. George), "Block of Chops" (St. Joseph 2), "Paul Mole Band Root" (Root) and the People's Carnival North Zone - Parade of Samba Schools (Set New Town). altogether, 97 bands and blocks were covered, by notice, by Manauscult.

no day 7 of February, the Children's City Park, in Aleixo, Zona Sul, hold the child bailinho with the theme "Carnival of Stars". During the party there will be a costume contest, where parents and children compete dressed alike. The bailinho starts at 17h.

In addition to the contest, there will be the parade of "Block Star" with entertainers park, brass band playing marchinha and dance.

They can participate in the costume contest for children 1 a 12 years accompanied by father or mother. To compete, those responsible must carry out the registration of the day 4 a 6 of February, from 8am to 12pm and from 13h to 17h (for a week) and not a Saturday, from 15h to 18h. Free subscription. The costumes should send the characters in the film and must be the same for parents and children. The full policy is available at http portal Manauscult://

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