Campelo said the possibility of a labor agreement between longshoremen and port Chibatão

500 workers were laid off at the end of last year.
22/02/2016 13h44 - Updated 22/02/2016 13h44
Photo: James Correa (CMM)

Councilman Álvaro Campelo (PP) believes that the issue involving the Union of the Amazon Stevedores and Port Chibatão still in the early stages of negotiation, referring to the possibility of reconciliation expressed in the document signed between the two parties after the hearing with the labor judge Alexandro Silva Alves, last Friday.

Álvaro Campelo, who is accompanying all negotiations between the union and the port company, expected to be quickly achieved a solution that will meet with justice to claim workers.

In the labor hearing on 19, 16th of Manaus Labor Court, He was suspended and postponed because "the parties have indicated a possibility of reconciliation as the hiring for employment of members of the Union for some functions, However, It depends on discussions with the company's board and the union base ", second document signed by the judge and representatives of the sectors in dispute.

The date of the next hearing is 18 March, at 9:30 am, for instruction, when the parties will present their closing remarks.

Stevedores of Manaus were released from activities in Port Chibatão in December 2015, and initiated a series of actions claiming reinstatement, because they understand that the act injures legislation for port activities sector. One reaction against unemployment over 500 professionals, between stevedores and auxiliary, It involves the implementation of a public hearing at City Hall of Manaus, proposal by Councilman Álvaro Campelo, on a date to be set next week.

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