Start interventions in Green Springs area of ​​Clear Waters 1 e 2

The works are part of the Green Space Project in the Community.
04/02/2016 16h03 - Updated 4/02/2016 16h03
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Two green areas within the arterial avenue, Allotment of the springs of Aguas Claras, New Aleixo neighborhood, North Zone, They have started to receive the interventions for the creation of green spaces springs of Aguas Claras 1 e 2. The works are part of the Green Space Project in the Community, developed by Manaus Prefecture, through the Municipal Environment and Sustainability (Semmas).

The project aims to promote the recovery and enhancement of green areas in housing developments approved by the municipality, with interventions planting and installation of public facilities for sports and leisure in degraded parts.

In both spaces, It will be planting about done 2,5 seedlings of tree species, fruit and ornamental, as part of the landscaping project prepared by the Department of Afforestation and Landscape of Semmas.

According to the secretary of Semmas, Itamar de Oliveira Mar, the delivery of the two recovered green areas should take place in the month of April and will be an important step in the consolidation process of the Green Space Project in the Community as a public policy for the management of green areas in the city.

"Interventions began in the first week of January, as expected, and will be ready within the period stipulated by the Amazonas state prosecutors and the Special Court for Environmental and Agricultural Issues (Vemaqa), responsible for environmental compensation established with Mac Engineering company, the cost of R $ 800 one thousand, which allowed the recovery of green areas allotment ", he said.

Two green areas were severely degraded due to anthropogenic factors, hence the need for revegetation. No last day 3 from December, the project was presented to the residents by the Secretary Itamar Mar, the elected judge of Vemaqa, Adalberto Carim, and the prosecutor, Francis Aires Arguelles, the 49th Prosecutor for the Environment and Heritage History of the MPE.

The choice of Clearwater to receive the project was due to the great pressure that Green subdivision areas suffer because of the invaders action.

"Here we have various irregular situations of occupation already sub judice and, for us, the implementation of the project in this area is emblematic because it comes mark definitively the presence of government, in partnership with the community, the protection of which has not yet invaded ", he said, the opportunity, Secretary.

In the springs of Aguas Claras, two green areas covered by the project add up 7.329,36 square meters, directly benefiting residents 252 plots in the vicinity of the same. plant recovery interventions will be carried out, by planting new trees, landscape design and implementation of public facilities such as LED lighting, hiking trail, outdoor gym, playground, court and table games.

This is the second intervention of the Green Space Project in the Community, In Manaus. The first, Green Space field Golden, It opened in June last year, in Allotment field Golden, New city, North Zone, where more than 70 thousand people were directly benefited.

The Semmas been conducting mapping other green areas of the city and at least 13 They had already started studies. The Green Space Project in the Community is made possible by a compensatory measure and is the result of participatory planning with community.

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