Board of Ethics goes against the Supreme Court decision in case against Cunha

Process that asks wedge cancellation was delayed due to operation of the vice president.
17/02/2016 15h08 - Updated 17/02/2016 15h08
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The Ethics Committee of the House of Representatives will the Supreme Court questioning the decision of the Presiding Officers of the House that delayed the process requesting the revocation of the mayor, He said on Wednesday the president of the college, Mr José Carlos Araújo (PSD-BA).

Deputy Speaker of the House, Waldir Maranhão (PP-MA), upheld feature that determined a new request for views to the report by Mr Marcos Rogerio (PDT-RO) the admissibility of the case against Cunha, delaying once again the progress of the cassation request of the Speaker of the House.

"Our autonomy and independence can not be placed at risk because of a case against anyone. They wanted to silence the Council of Ethics ", said Araujo, according to the Agency Board.

Cunha is representative target PSOL and Network requesting the revocation of its mandate accusing him of lying in testimony to the CPI Petrobras last year, when he said have no bank account beyond declared on your income tax.

Documents of Public Ministries of Brazil and Switzerland, However, later showed the existence of accounts for Cunha and family in the European country.

In addition to the process in the Council of Ethics, Cunha is the target of an investigation by the Attorney General's Office, Authorized by the Supreme, to investigate the accounts abroad and the Attorney General of the Republic, Rodrigo Janot, He asked the Supreme Court that wedge is removed from the presidency of the Chamber, arguing that the Parliament has used the office for personal benefit.

The PGR also denounced the Supreme Court Cunha, accusing him of receiving 5 millions of dollars in kickbacks from the corruption scheme in Petrobras, investigated by Operation Lava Jet.

Cunha, an avowed foe of President Dilma Rousseff government, He denies any wrongdoing and claims to have been chosen by Janot to be investigated.

On Tuesday, the parliamentarian lawyer filed an injunction in the Supreme asking for more time to present his defense to the Board of Ethics.


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