five year old child had malaria six times in Manaus Urban Zone

The incident occurred in the Community New Forest neighborhood.
16/02/2016 12h14 - Updated 16/02/2016 12h14
Photo: juçara Menezes

A boy of only five ever had malaria six times. The complaint was made by the child's mother, Dina Alves, during technical visit of the Committee on Environment and Regional Development (common), New Community Forest, in Tancredo Neves, East of Manaus, yesterday (16).

The president of Caama, Luiz Castro (Network) inspected the area where there is malaria and dengue outbreaks in the vicinity of 70 residential, approximately: a family dam the stream that passes over the New Victory, Conquest and Forest.

"We saw houses 'guarding' a stream for you, as a private pool, which ultimately causing disease in several people, especially the most vulnerable. In addition to the course of the river turn open sewer, There are adults and even children who bathe there ", pointed Luiz Castro.

The inspector Surveillance Foundation for Health (FVS-AM), José Carlos, He said the institution will hold the Rapid Assessment Infestation Index for Aedes aegypti (LIRAa).

Trash addicted
Along with the FVS-AM and the coordinator of the musical group Singleness, Camilo Gomes, the team environment committee also saw an addict trash made in an erosion. In this case, Camilo Gomes explained that the garbage does not come close to homes. The result is that the residents throw waste on site.

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