Reviews on your fishing defense actions are motivated political jealousy, says Dermilson Chagas

The deputy said he fought rigorously fraud insurance benefit closed.
24/02/2016 15h41 - Updated 24/02/2016 15h44
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The Dermilson Chagas deputy (PDT) stated, this Wednesday (24), the defense of the interests of more than 90 thousand fishing families and fishermen, affected by the suspension of the closure of Amazonian species, It is a matter of good environmental sense, social and political and no incentive to fraud in the sector. He said it will take the 5th Board of the Enlarged Meeting of Members of Parliament Amazon, the Unale, in Tocantins, Agriculture Minister to approach, Katia Abreu (PMDB), on the suspension. And this could be done by all Members of the Amazon that will participate in the meeting on Thursday.

"By the way, It is good to clarify, here no one is defending fraud fishing. I am not advocating wrong people. Instead, had people who even today is deputy (state) and signed petition against me, When, ahead of the Superintendence of Labor, We were fighting the fraud scheme and fishermen operating in the state ", said Chagas.

When it was superintending the work, Dermilson led the fight against fraud and exploitation of the good faith of fishery workers. The result of this action dismounted undue receipt scheme of public resource, payment and non-payment to the INSS and other irregularities. In this ocasion, nine people were arrested. The investigations and prosecutions proceed through today in Federal Court. In season, then superintendent of Labor Dermilson Chagas received dismissive motion of the Legislative Assembly of the State (OF-AM) because of the rigor of performance.

"The motion asked me to get out of the Superintendency of Labor. I think they thought I was holding some partner. But my mother always advised that anyone with pigs mixture, eat bran. I do not mix me and not this meal as. I would simply like to highlight this issue for some people who are talking, because I think a man of jealousy by man is worse than the woman by man. Unfortunately, people do not see themselves ", he said.

Dermilson Chagas said he believed the frivolous insinuations leveled against his conduct is motivated by political jealousy. The parliamentarian said that the fishing category itself was able to demonstrate recognition for the work they consider just and fair through clear choices at the ballot box.

"Some politicians do not know its value and find that take a cone of the other labor value is the way to get ahead. But, through my back, no. My back will not serve as a ladder for anyone. Like all bitter medicine we have to deal with this dosage also ", stated.

Last week, Mr Wanderley Dallas (PMDB) said in Maranhao a deputy was revoked by insurance closed resource diversion for use in the campaign. He hinted that it occurred in the Amazon hinting to Dermilson Chagas deputy and federal deputy Silas House (PSD), elected with the support of fishermen and women inside the Amazon.

In October 2015, the Federal Government enacted Decree No. 192 of the Ministry of Agriculture, livestock, Fishing and Food Supply (MAP) and the Environment (MMA) suspending closed and Insurance closed season with the claim that it would be necessary to make the re-registration of fishermen. At the end of October last year, the House of Representatives approved the Legislative Decree Project (PDC) 238/15, Federal Deputy Silas Chamber of authorship (PSD), which halted the effects of the ordinance. The bill went to the Senate, with, joint Senator Omar Aziz (PSD), He kept the House vote by requiring the federal government new defeat.

no day 7 from January, President of the Supreme Court (STF), Ricardo Lewandowski, ordered the suspension of the effects of the legislative decree reestablished the payment of the Insurance closed season, a kind of unemployment insurance paid to artisanal fishermen during the fishing standstill period. With the decision, He came into effect interministerial ordinance interrupted by 120 days the payment of the benefit and protection of species.

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