Cunha presents on Monday questioning the Supreme Court of rite of impeachment

For him, there are doubts about the scope and application of the judgment of the impeachment of the rite.
01/02/2016 10h18 - Updated 1/02/2016 10h18
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With the return of the activities of the three Powers in Brasilia, the mayor, Eduardo Cunha (PMDB-RJ), will present on Monday, 1º, questions to the rite for the impeachment process established late last year by the Supreme Court (STF).

Despite confirming trip to the Supreme Court to participate in the work of Court resumed ceremony this afternoon, It will not be Cunha who will file the requests for clarification.

The mayor has avoided giving details of the questions, claiming not to harm the STF. However I told interlocutors that questions several points and that the piece is to be presented “and forceful”.

Or do STF President, Minister Ricardo Lewandowski, However, I have personally told Cunha that the vote of Minister Luís Roberto Barroso was clear and that, if read, many questions could be clarified.

Lewandowski received Cunha on 24 December in an open conversation to the press. The ministers of the STF were upset with how was the request of the audience, announced earlier by Cunha in a press statement that the Supreme thus ended the trial.

The Chief Justice said at the time that the judgment is able to resolve any questions on the issue of impeachment and it would be an exercise in “futurology” address possible deadlocks in the election of the standing committees in the House before the text of the publication. Cunha decided that the only collegiate House will return to activities after the Supreme clarify all doubts.

for Cunha, there are doubts about the scope and application of the judgment of the impeachment of the rite and cited, for example, if the decision is restricted to Dilma president of the removal process or extends to the election of standing committees in the House. The PMDB asks quick to publish the judgment and provides that you can not set the composition of the committees without the clarification of the Court.

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