Dilma gets angry with Braga and coming bar minister to Manaus

Braga wanted to control operation against the Aedes Aegypti in AM.
12/02/2016 18h02 - Updated 17/02/2016 12h38
Photo: Vagner Carvalho

During the meeting of the Task Force of the preparations being developed by the federal government to confront the disease caused by Aedes Aegypti, last Wednesday (10) President Dilma Roussef (PT) He was angered by the Minister of Energy Mines, Eduardo Braga (PMDB).

Braga wanted to come to Manaus to head combat action, but it was barred by President Dilma Roussef. The president explained that it is time for mobilization and unity, and that the coming of Braga could interfere with these goals, as the minister faces political problems in the Amazon.

The information was published by the newspaper Estado de Sao Paulo on Friday (12). According to the newspaper, Braga was sent to a more distant city. He will lead the mobilization in Porto Alegre, in Rio Grande do Sul.

On his Facebook page, the Minister published a video which merely invite the population of Porto Alegre, Manaus, and all Brazil, to participate in the campaign with the mosquito. Braga did not comment on the meeting with President Dilma.

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