Samba schools receive more than R $ 1 million of Manaus Prefecture

Only the Special Group schools will receive R $ 497.910,00.
04/02/2016 15h05 - Updated 4/02/2016 15h05
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Seventeen associations and Samba Schools of Manaus Special groups, “A”, “B” e “C”, presenting proposals to the Notice of Public Call No. 12/2015 for the Carnival Parade 2016, receive the amount of R $ 1.006.885,30, Manaus Prefecture feature, passed through the Municipal Foundation of Culture, Tourism and Events (Manauscult).
Only those that did not show as regulars at the City Hall were not covered by the notice of support. According to the CEO of Manauscult, Bernardo Monteiro de Paula, to carry out the Official Parade, the City provided approximately R $ 1,5 million.

"Carnival is a great popular festival and support the parade is a way to collaborate with the maintenance of this tradition that makes Manaus one of the cities with large and rich cultural diversity. Besides that, the event moves hundreds of people in schools, performing a show for thousands of revelers at the Sambadrome ", said the CEO of Manauscult.

The funds are divided between four categories, being them: Panel, to $ 99.582,00 by samba school, consists of eight associations; Samba Schools of Group "A", to $ 60.856,00, composed of seven associations; B Group", to $ 38.727,00, composed of six associations; Group "C", up until 16.597,00, composed of five associations.

The figures are being released in a lump sum, released after the signing of the agreement term and were defined according to different classifications set out in the regulations of the Official Parade of Samba Schools in 2016.

group C – R$ 66.388,00
Açu Baron Lions
Youth Independent Crowned
Hawks of Ten Park
Group B - R $ 77.454,00
Legion Bambas
New city
Group A - R $ 356.133,30
Empire Kamelia
Village Bar
North hummingbird
Empire of Dragons
Empire Hawaii
Panel - R $ 497.910,00
Cousins ​​Island
Without commitment
Youth Aparecida Independent
The big family
Victoria Regia

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