Facebook launches campaign to prevent Zika virus

03/02/2016 11h02 - Updated 3/02/2016 11h02
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Facebook launched on Wednesday, 3, an awareness campaign that encourages users to fight the mosquito Aedes aegypti, responsible for transmitting dengue, of Chikungunya and Zika virus. The first video of #saizika campaign was released in Portuguese and has English subtitles.

In him, measures are listed to prevent the mosquito, or use as repellents, Setup screens and cleaning of possible locations for mosquito breeding.

“As a community, we can help fight the Zika virus through awareness. Facebook has partnered with nonprofit Abrasco Reports in Brazil, as part of an effort that will also be released in Latin America. The Zika virus spread over 20 countries and is one of the greatest public health challenges at the moment.

For pregnant women who contract the virus, the disease has been linked to brain damage in their babies. The virus is transmitted by mosquitoes and there are no drugs to treat or prevent the virus still, so now the most important thing is to try to avoid mosquito bites. Here's a video of our campaign that we hope provides valuable information for pregnant women”, Zuckerberg said on his page.

Source: Digital Look

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