Pirão Festival takes place this Saturday (13) in Moon Beach

The event will be attended by more than 20 attractions.
11/02/2016 13h00 - Updated 11/02/2016 13h02
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The organization of the Festival Pirão, which would be held next Saturday, 13, He announced the postponement of the event for the day 5 March. Or event, which leads to authorial production to the stage of Manaus communities, It will be held at the Moon Beach, rural zone, and will feature over 20 local attractions, in celebration of 24.

Denis Thaumaturgo, one of the festival organizers, He explained that the choice of a new date is due to the fact that the organizers have not yet enough structure to hold the event in Moon Beach, as occurred in 2015. nonlocal, the stage is floating, mounted on a ferry, which requires an increase in cost and safety.

"An event like this has a high cost, starting with the ferry rent, power generators, buffet for production and artists, boat rentals to take the ferry to the beach bands and vice versa; as well as human resources security as rescuers, civilian firefighters and private security, everything working during 24 hours”, released the organizer, in a statement.

Thaumaturgo stressed that the Pirão Festival will keep the same success of the previous edition, ensuring the structure and safety of the public is that attend the event which is one of the most representative independent Amazon music. "It will be in the same place [Moon Beach], the same way", he stressed.

Or event, which has the support of the City of Culture Foundation, Tourism and Events (Manauscult), will start at 15h, with free entry and have attractions like Erumtrio bands, Dona Celeste, scandal phonic, Luneta Mágica, MB-4, Atomic Pororoca, rapper Jander Manauara, among others.

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