Sheet S. Paul states that there was payment of kickbacks in the construction of Arena Amazônia

The work was started in the former governor's management and current Minister of Mines and Energy Eduardo Braga.
12/02/2016 08h26 - Updated 13/02/2016 14h06
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The Amazon has returned to prominence in the national media on the night of Thursday (11), but it was not good news. According to an article in the Folha de São Paulo, was no payment of kickbacks in the construction of Arena Amazônia.

According to the report, former President of Andrade Gutierrez, Otavio Marques de Azevedo, who had been arrested on Wednesday (10), even after having struck a whistleblower award agreement, It was released late on Thursday (11).

In winning tipoff agreement, signed at the Attorney General's Office, eight former executives of the contractor agreed to reveal information about requests for political donations to the campaign 2014 by president Dilma Rousseff (PT).

According to the publication, Another issue which was closed at tipoff agreement is "the payment of a series of kickbacks" in the construction and renovation of stadiums for the World Cup. Among them, Arena Amazônia, which it was designed in the administration of former governor of Amazonas and current Minister of Mines and Energy, Eduardo Braga.

Now we are waiting for the next chapter to find out who authorized and who received payments of bribes.

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