Outlaw Pará state is stuck in Manaus

The man serving time for rape, but fled after being benefited from bail.
02/02/2016 15h58 - Updated 2/02/2016 15h58
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The Civil Police of Amazonas, by the research team of Police Specializing in s and Polinter (DECP), arrested on Tuesday, day 2, por volta the 9h, Outlaw Justice Adair José Figueira da Silva, 44. The incident occurred on B Street neighborhood Santa Ines, Eastern area of ​​the capital.

According the holder delegate DECP, Antonio Rondon Jr., Adair was arrested in 1995 by rape that year and was serving a sentence in semi-open regime prison in the municipality of Santarém, in Para state. However, according to the police authority, the offender would have benefited from the granting of bail and ran away to Manaus.

Rondon Jr. He said that in the year 2011 civilian police Santarém contacted investigators Polinter in Manaus to report that Adair had been hiding in the capital. As or delegate, that same year, not just day 23 of February, Right to judge the Public Records Court and Precatórios, Everaldo da Silva Lira, issued arrest warrant on behalf of the individual.

"The search for Adair began since that time and 2012 it was located. however, to find that he was being investigated, he sold the house he had in Street Luis Montenegro, Jorge Teixeira in the neighborhood, East zone, and returned to hide the city ", He explained the delegate Antonio Rondon Jr.

During bell in front of the house where Adair was currently, the team DECP spotted the fugitive from justice and approached. In this ocasion, His documentation was requested and, After confirming the identity of the desired, under arrest he was given to him. at the police station, he admitted the authorship of committed rape 1995 against a teenager and argued that fled because he did not want to go back to prison.

"The Polinter is doing the exact assignment of the police unit, that is to locate fugitives from justice in other states here in the Amazon, and seek capital fugitives in other cities. Coming soon, other action Polinter will erupt in a city of the federation ", He argued the holder of DECP.

After the legal procedures in specialized headquarters, Adair will be taken to the public jail Judge Raimundo Vidal Pessoa, staying in place at the disposal of Justice, waiting it will be transferred to Santarem, which should finish doing time.

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