Gymnasts do Amazonas exchange for Florianópolis top team

The pair travels on Tuesday, 16 of February, accompanied by technical and chairman of CECAM.
15/02/2016 14h32 - Updated 15/02/2016 14h32
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Learning at the highest level. That's what the Amazonian gymnasts Pollyanna Brito Ramos, 15, e Anne Monteiro, 13, They go after in Florianopolis this week. The athletes of Amazonas Sports and Cultural Center (cECA) will make an advanced course in rhythmic gymnastics at the Sports Association State Institute of Education (Adie), in Florianopolis (SC), under the guidance of Camila Ferezin – technique of the Brazilian team sets.

The pair travels on Tuesday, 16 of February, accompanied by technical and chairman of CECAM, Professor Alessandra Balbi. Qualifying begins on Wednesday, 17, and runs through Saturday, 20. The ADIEE is the same club where the gymnast Amazon Bianca Maia Mendonça developed his potential before turning Pan American medalist with the selection in Guadalajara Games 2011.

Segundo Alessandra Balbi, content will have the following topics: Ballet applied to the rhythmic gymnastics, general fitness and specific, handling apparatus, body elements required in the form, connecting elements and choreographic development.

"In addition to being taught the technique of the Brazilian team Camila Ferezin, it is a complete course, It is four days of intensivão. I hope to learn a lot as a coach and later apply to the rest of the team here in Manaus ", emphasizes Alessandra teacher.

A resident of New Town 5 and student of the 1st year of high school in the State School Julius Caesar Steps, Pollyanna has always been in love with ballet. It started in the sport at the Center of Excellence Cash and today begins to emerge in the adult team CECAM. The desire of the young gymnast is to grow in the sport.

"The course will be a very good experience. We will seek to improve the management of devices, our body movement, our mentality as an athlete. ultimately, a great learning experience ", commented Pollyanna.

Anne Monteiro, resident of the Park 10 and student of 9th grade in the College Pallas Athena, He began practicing gymnastics in 2013 the class of New Talent Center of Excellence Cash and currently a member of the youth team of CECAM. The girl followed the gymnastics competitions on TV and Youtube and now seeks to climb a few more steps in the promising career.

"My goal is to improve my movements, become much lighter and apply everything I learn in competitions. I am also motivated by the opportunity to take a course with the technique of the Brazilian team ", Anne concludes.

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