Globe decides to take “Jo talk show” definitely the station's grid

Jô Soares contract with the network ends at the end of the year.
22/02/2016 09h51 - Updated 22/02/2016 09h51
Photo: Globo

O “Jo talk show”, which opens new season in March this year the Globe, will go off the air permanently at the end of this year. According to the columnist Daniel Castro, do site “TV News”, the network decided to end the program and announced the decision on Thursday (18) at a meeting of the Globe summit with directors of artist- and authors of novels.

Director Ricardo Waddington, responsible for programs such as “Late hours”, “Love & Sex” e “domingão Faustão”, It was the one who broke the news. The presenter Jô Soares has a contract with the network by the end of the year and even with the end of attraction can come to renew it.

Source: Portal Day

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