Annoyed with PT, Dilma is considering not go to birthday party

She was bothered by the criticism of the party's economic policy and pension reform.
26/02/2016 10h53 - Updated 26/02/2016 10h55
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President Dilma Rousseff is considering not go to PT birthday celebration, in this Saturday, in the river. Annoyed by criticism of the party's economic policy and pension reform, it can extend their stay in Chile, We are traveling on Friday on an official visit. The party of the PT will be a reparation to former President Lula, which is now under investigation for receiving favors companies that participated in the Petrobras bribery scheme. The president had no longer participated in the PT program that aired on the evening of Tuesday, refusing the invitation made by the party leadership.

The trip to Chile ensures Dilma one "alibi" to miss the party. Until the week beginning, officials Plateau that organize presidential trips had the guidance that she would return to Brazil tomorrow afternoon, in time to go to the party PT. On thursday, However, the decision to return was suspended, since the commitments it has in Chile could be extended until the end of Saturday afternoon, making it impossible to finish the party time.

closest ministers of President defend their presence at the event, claiming that, this time the party and the government are in the hot seat because of allegations during Operation Lava-Jato and poor state of the economy, the absence would be an even greater weakness signal to the general public. To finish, Dilma still fight in Congress to approve the CPMF and overthrow the impeachment.

- She will not fight with the PT. These tensions are common, even in an election year - said an adviser to the Plateau.

The project vote that changed the rules for the exploration of pre-salt by the Senate, on Wednesday, He left the PT even more irritated with Rousseff. The PT senators were instructed ministers to vote against the proposal that took the exclusive Petrobras pre-salt. However, shortly before the vote, the government changed its mind, He began to support the toucan design José Serra (SP) and did not warn the bench.

Cardozo pressed not to go
Another target of the party's internal war is the Minister of Justice, José Eduardo Cardozo, that neither should go to PT's party. Investigations around the former president Lula revived the party animosity against the minister and the pressure to leave office.

This week, PT deputies, among them the leader in the House, Afonso Florence (PT-BA), Wadih Damous (PT-RJ) and Moema Gramacho (PT-BA), were the Ministry of Justice and charged Cardozo action on the leaks of investigations related to Lula. second stories, the minister said to be "virtually impossible" to identify and prevent leaks.

Deputies went up the tone with the minister and one of them even said that, If Cardozo fails to take action, Lula could end up stuck. The visit reinforced the idea that the presence of Cardozo in PT's birthday is not convenient.

The National EN directory should ask, this Friday, the party has as a priority the assembly actions and Lula solidarity mobilizations.

"Very special and priority task at the beginning of 2016 is a powerful battery mounting actions, resources, debates and Lula solidarity mobilizations, President following illuminating hope the heart of the most humble people and has proven, in his two terms, that Brazil may be the pioneer in the consolidation of a genuine democracy with the poor inside ", said document to be submitted to the national directory and must still undergo changes.

Signed by the president of the PT, Rui Falcão, and under the title "In defense of democracy", the basic text says that "the attack on Lula" aims a national project that seeks justice, equality, freedom, inclusion and participation of all.

Or text, six pages, booking through paragraph for self-criticism. The PT document says that "some condemnable practices of Brazilian political life ended impregnating segments of the party and resulted in misunderstandings and irregularities that have opened flanks where to try to attack the conservative forces, always trying to camouflage its main objective to annul all the achievements of Lula was ".

The document also says the party "failed" by not conduct a thorough investigation "the PSDB privataria" - privatizations carried out in the Fernando Henrique Cardoso - and not "democratize" the media.

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