Jose Melo inaugurates school that will be managed by the PM in Santa Etelvina

Three other schools, which will be under the management PM, will start operating this year.
22/02/2016 12h49 - Updated 22/02/2016 12h53
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The fifth state school in Manaus under the management of the Military Police, the State School Professor Eliana Freitas Moraes, Blue Lake located not set, neighborhood Santa Etelvina, north of the city, It opened its doors on Monday, 22 of February, with opening made by the Governor Jose Melo. This is the first teaching unit other three schools coming on stream, this year, the shared management model between the State Department of Education (Seduc) e a PM, which will double the number of vacancies and the number of schools in the segment.

The new school will meet 2.940 students in neighborhood elementary school modalities (1Th to 5 th year), (6Th to 9 th), high school and adult education, We shifts morning, afternoon and evening. The structure is Full Time School, but it will work in standard education due to the high demand in the region. Investment in the project was R $ 13,1 millions. In addition to the classrooms, There pools structure, sports court, football fields and laboratories.

"It fills a gap in this region, I had no school. The students went to study in distant schools of your home, with displacement problems. Here was a school full-time, but we had to change because the demand exploded. The divining is to work teaching, the quality of education, but also move the population around the public safety. The spirit here is the 'All for Life', where all government help. It is a school which means relief for the people, because it comes with an entire security apparatus that will help improve the quality of life here ", said Jose Melo.

According to the governor, the installation of schools in areas of high indicators of violence with police administration has achieved positive results. That is why, planning is to expand the model to other neighborhoods considered strategic for the strengthening of public security.

inaugurations – We coming months, the state government will inaugurate three schools under the command PM. The Full-Time Education Center that works in college Nilton Lins, the new school of Residential Living Best Set, no Santa Etelvina, and a school in the neighborhood of Compensates, west town. "This is a special school for this region, along with the school's Better Living, which was also planned to be full-time, but at that time still will not be because of the demand. In the full-time model, it would serve little more than a thousand students, and so it has a capacity of about three thousand ", He emphasized the Secretary of Education, Rossieli Soares, School assembly Lago Azul.

"The political-pedagogical project will be followed, but we adjustments and supplements to the special part. We are connected in the community and we will absorb the projects and concerns in the educational part and never forgetting the bias of public security part, that is community support ", He emphasized the director of the unit, Colonel Fabio Pacheco.

The management model, the teaching equipment, availability and remuneration of teachers, school lunch, building maintenance and other measures are the responsibility of the State Department of Education (Seduc). But the management and regiment are military police responsibility.

In 2015, 10.205 students were enrolled in the four public schools in operation in the city of Manaus. From the supply of duplication, in 2016, 20.855 students will benefit from this teaching model.

currently, the Seduc has in the military management model, the Military College of Military Police I (CMPM1), located in Petropolis neighborhood; the Full-Time Educational Center Marcantonio Vilaca 2 (CMPM2), located in the New Town neighborhood; the state school Waldocke Fricke Lyra (CMPM 3), located in the Parque São Pedro community and the state school Aurea Pinheiro Braga (CMPM 4), located in the community Gilberto Mestrinho.

During the ceremony, Governor Jose Melo stressed that more than R $ 287 million will be invested in education 2016, resources that will be used in the expansion and improvements in the education system throughout the state. In the first half, the schedule is open Seduc 24 new schools in the capital and countryside. “This year alone, we are building 12 full-time schools, being that 10 within them. We will invest more than R $ 287 million in education. Construction of full-time schools, expansion of schools, adapting schools for full-time model and building new standard schools”, said the governor of Amazonas.

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