Lava Jato triggers new operation and decrees imprisonment of John Santana

Santana's former marketeer Rousseff's campaign and former President Lula.
22/02/2016 11h03 - Updated 23/02/2016 11h48
Photo: Felipe Cotrim / SEE

The federal police began on Monday to another phase of Operation Lava Jato – to 23rd – and targeting the relationship of John Santana marketeer, responsible for campaigns of former President Lula and President Dilma Rousseff, as corruption scheme installed at Petrobras. The PF issued an arrest warrant against advertising, but he was not arrested because he is abroad, where he works in the re-election campaign of President of the Dominican Republic, Danilo Medina. They are also targets of the 23th stage of Lava Jato the construction company Odebrecht and the lobbyist and representative engineer at shipyard Keppel Fels Brazil, Singapore, Zwi Skornicki, which had also been the target of petrolão investigations on suspicion of acting as operator fees.

The 23th stage of Lava Jato, named Acarajé, meets 51 warrants in Bahia, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo and reaches full presidential campaigns of Lula and Dilma. Santana worked as a marketeer in the PT presidential race and his arrest, when consolidated, should further expand discussions on the impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff. altogether, They were shipped 38 search and seizure warrants, two probation and five forceful. The Federal Police has identified at least 7 millions of dollars sent abroad and direct relationship with John Santana. According to a statement of the PF, Acarajé the term refers to the name that some investigated used to designate cash.

During the ninth stage of Lava Jato, researchers found evidence that Odebrecht construction company subsidiaries passed on money to foreign accounts controlled by John Santana, marketeer responsible for campaigns that led Lula and Dilma to victories in the last three presidential elections. The indications are that the advertising secretly received money through accounts that the Odebrecht Group held abroad to repay the PT campaign expenses.

SEE also showed that, when analyzing the material seized even in the ninth stage of Lava Jato, the researchers found a letter in 2013 the wife of John Santana, Monica Moura, the Zwi Skornicki engineer with the coordinates of two accounts abroad. Husband partner, Monica an account indicated in the United States and one in England.

The direct involvement of a marketeer in suspicions of corruption is nothing new in over 13 years of PT government. At the height of the monthly allowance scandal, publicist Duda Mendonça, that dominated the PT campaigns at the time, He admitted to the Post Office CPI received by overseas payment services rendered during the election of Lula.

In tipoff according winning, the services of former manager of Petrobras Pedro Barusco had pointed Skornicki responsible for providing almost 40 million dollars to supply all directors of Petrobras and the PT box between 2003 e 2013. According to the testimony of Barusco, leaving Petrobras Service board, in 2013, Renato Duque made a “hit” with Skornicki to receive late fees. The amount paid to Duke reached 12 million that year alone, that would have been transferred from one operator account in the Swiss bank Delta. Skornicki also would have given 2 million dollars Barusco.


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