Lava Jet investigates the Odebrecht payments abroad marketeer PT, says newspaper

The marketeer is John Santana, responsible for campaigns that led Lula and Dilma to win.
12/02/2016 11h50 - Updated 12/02/2016 11h50
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Operation Lava Jet investigates alleged payments made by subsidiaries of construction company Odebrecht to overseas accounts controlled by John Santana, marketeer responsible for campaigns that led Lula and Dilma to victories in the last three presidential elections. The information, published by the newspaper Folha de S. Paul in today's edition, It is an offshoot of the revelations made by Veja in November 2015 and January 2016, that Swiss authorities sent to Brazil information whose content indicates that Santana secretly received money from the scheme through accounts held abroad. There are indications that petrolão money was used to pay, out of Brazil, PT campaign expenses. According to the newspaper, the calculation involves advertising accounts in several countries, including Switzerland.

Possible payments came to light in February 2015, in search of the ninth stage of Lava Jato, named My Way. In that day, a team of federal police knocked on the door of Zwi Skornicki, representative engineer at shipyard Keppel Fels Brazil, Singapore, owner of billionaires contracts with Petrobras, in a Barra da Tijuca condo, in Rio de Janeiro. They were targeted by police petrolão eleven operators who had been denounced by Pedro Barusco, former manager of Petrobras, including Zwi, but the search is over opening a new line of investigation.

By analyzing the material seized, the researchers found a letter in 2013 the engineer with the coordinates of two accounts abroad, one in the USA and the other in England. The sender of the mail, handwritten, was Monica Moura, wife and partner of marketeer John Santana.

In addition to the services provided to PT, John Santana was responsible for campaigns in Dominican Republic, Panamá e Angola, countries where Odebrecht has interests. According to the sheet S. Paulo, research has focused on the money received by the marketer in 2014. That year, out Dilma campaign, for which he received 78 million reais, Santana signed the candidate's political marketing defeated for president of Panama, José Domingo Arias.


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