Lava Jato suspect funds Odebrecht was for Lula Memorial

The amount is $ 12,4 millions.
25/02/2016 10h34 - Updated 25/02/2016 10h34
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Operation Task Force Lava Jet suspect that the amount of 12,4 million reais quoted in a spreadsheet seized by the Federal Police in the 23th stage of the operation, the Acarajé, It may be related to the project of the Lula Institute to build the Memorial of Democracy, in Sao Paulo. The information was published in O Globo newspaper report on Thursday.

The table found was found in a secret e-mail attributed to CEO of Odebrecht Fernando Migliaccio, who was arrested in Switzerland while trying to close bank accounts in Geneva. In one of the notes in the document, it's written “Building (THE)” next to the amount of 12,4 million reais. The PF letters related to the Lula Institute and raised the possibility of the funds being used to pay expenses of the entity by Odebrecht.

“Like this, If the item 'building (THE)’ refer to the Lula Institute, the completion of greater plausibility would be that the Odebrecht Group has borne the construction costs of that organization's headquarters and / or other property belonging to Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva”, says the text signed by the delegate of PF Filipe Pace.

The Democracy Memorial building would be built on a plot of 4,3 thousand square meters, which was donated by the city of São Paulo without bidding, in the neighborhood of Light, center of Sao Paulo. The work was paralyzed, However, after the Public Prosecutor of São Paulo bring a lawsuit against the Lula Institute and the municipal administration.

At the time of launch of memorial, in 2012, Paulo Vanucchi, charge of the project, He stated that he would be fully built with donations from the private sector. To meet the request of MP, Judge Adriano Laroca, the 12th Court of Public Treasury of São Paulo, It banned the work to be initiated, arguing that the land should be for public use and that there was the risk that the memorial became a place of “personal promotion of former President Lula and his party”.

Based on the evidence in the table bandied, the delegate wrote in the investigation that the “possible involvement” Lula with “criminal practices” It should be investigated with “parsimony”, “which does not mean that the police should stop exercising their constitutional míster”.


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