"Manaus is the capital of the world cervical cancer", says doctor

incidence rate of this cancer in Manaus is the largest in the world.
04/02/2016 20h09 - Updated 8/02/2016 14h02
Time Assignment in ALE-AM, medical Monica Bandeira de Melo spoke about the most effective Pap smear. (Photo: Alberto Cesar Araujo / ALE-AM)

The gynecologist Monica Bandeira de Melo presented, this Thursday (4), in a Time of Assignment, proposed by the president of the Amazonas Legislative Assembly (hazard), Mr Joshua Neto (PSD), a new Pap smear able to increase in 100% the accuracy of the diagnosis of cervical cancer, caused by HPV (Human Papilloma Virus). according to her, the conventional examination made in the Unified Health System (THEIR) is prone to failure and contributes to Manaus is a city with the highest number of deaths from uterine cervical cancer in the world.

The new method is the Pap test with Cytology in Half Net, with computerized reading. according to her, currently the sample collected from the cervix is ​​analyzed on slides, one by one, the microscope. "The problem is that these samples, often contain residues, as blood, pus, secretion, that hinder the identification of the virus. Imagine that you are looking for tarrachinha an earring on a dirty floor all, filled sheet. Such is the conventional method. In cytology in liquid medium, this doesn `t happen. It's clean and easy to view, because you only have cells. This ends up with the situation that we call false negative ", said.

In cytology liquid medium, the sample is placed directly into a container with a liquid cleaner will allow visualization of cells and the virus more easily. this reading, according to Melo, It is performed by computer. According to the medical, not just conventional method 20% the collected material is tapped for the exam. In the method for cytology in liquid medium, the use is 100%. Still second she new test is a little more expensive, R$ 40, or U $ 10, compared to conventional, R$ 7, more offset in public spending on cancer treatment, about R $ 17 thousand for each chemotherapy session.

According to the National Cancer Institute (INCA), in developed countries the death rate for this cancer is less than 10 to each 100 thousand. In Brazil this rate is 19,20, and Amazon is 35,13 deaths each 100 thousand. Second medical to, only the State of Amazonas Oncology Control Center Foundation (FCecon), identifies at least 200 deaths from this cancer each year.

The obstetrician presented a series of measures that can help to reduce these numbers in the medium and long term as the introduction of new method of Papanicolaou, expansion of public facilities able to perform the screening test, colposcopy (biopsy in cases of cancer suspected), e conização (minicirurgia treatment and cure of small cancerous lesions).

The doctor received the support of President Joshua Neto and other deputies, as Luiz Castro (NETWORK), Alessandra Campêlo (PCdoB), Health and director of Aleam, Arnoldo Andrade, in order to join efforts to implement the new method, and dissemination of care and disease severity.

President Joshua Neto informed, after the assignment that his staff is already working, in partnership with Dr. Monica Melo, the creation of a law establishing the State Day Against HPV. The president also said the data presented during the assignment will be forwarded to the State Health Secretaries, and the city of Manaus.

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