Modern Manaus gets new traffic signs

The forecast is that the signs are fully completed next week.
19/02/2016 14h17 - Updated 19/02/2016 14h17
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The entire length of Lawrence Avenue da Silva Braga, Sul, from PROSAMIM of Cachoeirinha to the area known as Manaus Modern, no Center, You are receiving traffic signals revitalized. The work includes the installation of lines in order to track the flow of vehicles and traffic signs to guide drivers and pedestrians.

The work is being carried out by the Municipal Institute of Engineering and Traffic Surveillance (Manaustrans), as part of the shares of Manaus City Hall to provide safer traffic throughout the city. The forecast is that the implementation of vertical and horizontal signage is completed next week.

They are being deployed on the main avenue of Modern Manaus, Overhead lines for vehicles flow dividing; lane edge lines and crosswalks on the busiest areas of the track. They are also being placed signs to indicate maximum speed on stretches of the avenue and to warn pedestrian crossing areas and alert school area.

For the driver Edson Germano, the new signage in the area of ​​Modern Manaus will help organize the traffic on site. "Circulo here every day and waiting for this action of Manaus Prefecture. Now that the signage was implanted, we have to respect ", secured.

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