Minister says zika vaccine can be developed in one year

Investment in partnership with the US is US $ 1,9 million for the next five years.
11/02/2016 12h54 - Updated 11/02/2016 12h54
Photo: Kevork Djansezian/AFP

Health Minister, Marcelo Castro, he said today (11) a partnership between the Instituto Evandro Chagas, no stop, and the University of Texas, US us, It will enable the vaccine virus zika be developed to 12 months.

After this step, the dose vaccine must still undergo clinical tests, then, begin to be produced and made available to the public.

This phase should last another two years, totaling three years for the entire process is completed.

Press conference, the minister stressed that the experience of both institutions in the field of so-called arboviruses (diseases caused by viruses similar to zika, as dengue, chikungunya and yellow fever) can help reduce the time for the formulation of the vaccine, since the official work schedule provides for the development of doses in two years.

Brazilian investment in partnership with the United States, according to him, is US $ 1,9 million for the next five years.

"There is great optimism that we can develop this vaccine in a shorter time than what was expected. Approximately, within one year, we have the vaccine developed, may be less. After, come the tests and clinical trials and vaccine production in order to be marketed and applied ", said Castro.


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