MPF has 1,5 mi signatures in support of anti-corruption project

The proposal should be sent to Congress in mid-April.
25/02/2016 13h41 - Updated 25/02/2016 13h41
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The Federal Public Ministry (MPF) announced today (25) collecting over 1,5 million signatures for the project law to fight corruption.

The initiative of the organ is based on ten points to amend the current legislation, including increased penalties for crimes related to corruption and criminalization of undeclared donations to election campaigns.

The proposal should be sent to Congress in mid-April.

"The idea is to present this set of signatures to Congress with the request for installation of a committee to consider proposals dasa. We know that there are already several bills with similar scopes or even with the same content. Therefore, we expect everything to be bonded so that the House and Senate can not dwell on them ", He informed the Attorney General of the Republic, Nicolau Dino.

According to the prosecutor Deltan Dallagnol, integrating the task force engaged in Lava-Jato Operation, The proposal was endorsed by 880 entities engaged in collecting signatures.

"What we see today is a society movement, upwards, by changes that we long since Brazil is Brazil ", said Dallagnol, during commemoration ceremony of the success of the campaign in support of the project.

Entities managed more adhesions were honored by prosecutors. Between them, the lodge Grand Orient of São Paulo, the Regional Council of Engineering and Agronomy of São Paulo and movements Viva policy and comes to Street.

Although the initiative has received support from groups favorable to the impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff, Dallgnol denied that the campaign has partisan link. According to him, Corruption is an entrenched problem in the Brazilian political system.

"Corruption is not a party issue A or B, government A or B. Corruption is an endemic problem, structural and systemic coming centuries ", He stressed.

Other places envisaged in the project are to make crime illicit enrichment of public officials, when the equity is incompatible with income, although it is not possible to prove the origin of funds, remand to prevent corruption suspects conceal or dissipate the money earned from crime, in addition to the confiscation of assets of convicted of corruption, without direct distinction between gains extracted exclusively from the crime and the subsequent profits.

The proposal is explained in detail on page created for the campaign.


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