“Brazil needs to move towards modernity”, says Jose Melo

The statement was made during a national forum opening administration secretaries.
25/02/2016 13h15 - Updated 25/02/2016 13h15
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The governor of Amazonas, Jose Melo, He advocated greater integration among States in the exchange of experiences that qualify public spending, reduce costs and modernize the management of governments. This Thursday, 25 of February, during the 100th National Forum of State Secretaries and Directors of the 1st International Seminar on State Public Procurement, in the Amazon was highlighted by actions in tax administration area and acquisition of goods and services, the governor said he will evaluate experiences in the eye of neighbors in efficiency and modernization of public services of the State.

“Brazil needs to move towards modernity. This implies reducing costs and the service at the tip is provided more efficiently. Modern health means that the surgery must be performed on time. Let's deal with the public accounts. The way to buy is also a way to reduce costs and be able to invest in other important activities”, said Melo.

Organized by the National Board of Directors of Secretaries of State (Consad) and the Department of Administration and Management Amazon (Sead), the event is happening at Hotel Blue Tree Premium Manaus, Adrianople, area south-central city, till Friday (26). Amazonas is highlighted for having achieved excellence in tax and tax administration area with the implementation of pioneering projects in the country, as the Electronic Invoice, NF-e and developed system of purchase of goods and services, which generated R $ 245 million in savings in government procurement only in the year 2015. Another novelty is the new procurement system of airline tickets.
“There will be an exchange of very important experiences. Brazil has to walk it.

Administrative procedures allow the service to be provided more quickly and efficiently. Therefore, this is a quest that we all have to do. We have very successful examples, we obviously absorb. We have many steps we have taken and will certainly serve to other states. On the other hand, we deal with the public accounts, which are made appropriately, also reduce costs by allowing the service arrives at the tip quickly and efficiently”, said the governor.

Exchange of ideas – Holy Spirit and Acre have shown interest in adopting the model of the Amazon Fiscal Note and Shopping System. “This year's theme is the qualification of public spending. The Amazon will present the actions undertaken to qualify public spending and suit the fiscal adjustment. The Amazon was considered the state that best suited the country's economic situation. We will present what we have done to reduce the cost, and structuring actions on revenue and expenditure area”, summed up the Amazon Administration Secretary, Evandro Melo.

The president of Consad and Pará State Administration Secretary, Alice Viana Soares Monteiro, Secretary of Rio Grande do Norte Taxation and coordinator of the secretaries in the National Council for Financial Policy (Confaz), André Horta, Secretary of the Ministry of Planning Management, Budget and Management, Audi patrician Souto, the Senior Specialist in Tax Management and Municipal Inter-American Development Bank in Brazil (BID), Ana Lucia Paiva Dezolt and the manager of Public Policy of the National Sebrae, Bruno Quick, participating in the event.

administration secretaries across the country and public procurement managers in Latin America, as well as representatives of ministries and regulatory agencies make up the target audience of the two events, will occur simultaneously.

"It is an event that brings together all the secretaries and technicians States relating to the administrative management for the exchange of ideas and innovative experiences. A great opportunity to discuss practical and efficient solutions to control purchases and services purchased by the state so that you can buy only what you need at the lowest cost ", said State Secretary of Administration and Management, Evandro Melo, what, next Secretary of State of Finance, Afonso Lobo and Purchasing Coordinator and Government Relations of the Secretariat of State of Amazonas Farm, Alessandro Moreira Silva, It presents the experience of the Amazon area.

"Public Procurement in the Trajectory of Spent Quality" is the theme presented by the representatives of the Government of Amazonas. The approach to the gains from the integration of management with public procurement, occurred with the Administrative Reform Government, It is the keynote. Among the initiatives presented are the identification of notes issued to the Amazon without the goods enter the State (Indicative of tax evasion), reduced time for the preparation of basic design for bidding because of the prices charged by suppliers are already stored in the government database, closing contracts with the actual amounts charged on the market (not registering increased because the buyer is public entity).

In addition to the Inter-American Development Bank / IDB and the Amazonas State Government, support the event the Group Financial Managers of the National Council of Fazendárias Policies - Gefin / CONFAZ, the National Council of State Secretaries of Planning - CONSEPLAN, the School of Finance Administration - ESAF, the School of Public Administration / ENAP and other partner institutions.

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