Look at them: rivals Ana Paula and Juliana face off pier

22/02/2016 11h14 - Updated 22/02/2016 11h14
Photo: LOOK

As expected, Renan and Tamiel leaders indicated Ana Paula to the wall next Tuesday, 23. The duo claimed not like some mining of attitudes in the house – Renan took the opportunity to give an example of the occasions in which the two discussed and he was offended by his words.

Juliana received votes of Ana Paula, Ronan, Geralda, Munik and Matheus and will compete with the journalist to public preference to stay at home. Both, Please note, They quarreled sometimes at home. Ronan could not be voted on by receiving the Angel Necklace Ana Paula. In usual trick, Cocoa was drawn to say who would like to reveal the vote. Adelia, The chosen one, said it indicated Munik.

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