marketeer Prison reinforces Operation Lava jet in the communications industry

PF and the MPF examine whether advertising contracts served to hide kickbacks.
29/02/2016 12h30 - Updated 29/02/2016 20h36
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The arrest of the PT João Santana marketeer – responsible for the presidential campaign of Dilma Rousseff (2010 e 2014) and Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (2006) – He led the task force Operation Lava jet to undertake further research on the corruption scheme and fraud in the Petrobras communication sector and in other areas of government.

The Federal Police and the Federal Prosecutor examine whether advertising contracts served to hide kickbacks.

One of the fronts is investigating the Publisher Graphic Attitude, that belong to two unions connected to PT.


Responsible for the publication of the Journal of Brazil, the company was used for the receipt of R $ 2,4 million from Petrobras deviations scheme, second accuses the Federal Prosecutor.

In contracts involving the state oil company, PF identified between 2004 e 2015 the transfer of R $ 676 thousand paid by two agencies, one of them the Heads Propaganda Ltda – provider of state services.

It is a small part of the amounts moved by Editora Graphic Attitude. Between 2010 e 2015 the account at the firm handled $ 67,7 millions, second Financial Intelligence Report.

They were credits of R $ 33,8 millions, R$ 7,5 million deposited in ATMs.

The Graphic Attitude is more than a provider of services longstanding relationship with PT. She was born two unions whose stories come together with the creation of the party: the Union of the ABC Metalworkers and the Bank Workers Union of São Paulo.

The first, where it came from Lula. Or second, source Vaccari and triplex would have been renovated to the former president by OAS.

Lava Jet enjoined Heads, contracted by Petrobras, who used the company's services linked to the PT unions, no end of 2015.

He determined that it was the answer of who “option for the use of the media in the availability of Graphic Attitude”.

In 23 of September, the Heads answered: “The placements were customer decisions. We present a work flow chart, which shows the steps of the media buying process to the client Petrobras”.

The agency provided copies of 25 publications made by Petrobras, through you, between 2008 e 2013, and permits the direction of state, that have signed the Communication former manager Wilson Santarosa, on the union of oil in Campinas (SP) and friend of former Mayor Jacó Bittar (PT), who bought the site for Santa Barbara that Lula's family wore.

Editora Graphic Attitude has been punished with the Central Workers (CUT) for making illicit electoral propaganda in favor of the then candidate Dilma Rousseff, and contrary to José Serra, PSDB candidate in 2010.

The ministers of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) understood that both the CUT as the graphical disrespected the electoral law to promote the candidacy of Dilma newspaper funded by the central and magazine produced by the publisher, respectively in September and October 2010.

The former treasurer PT João Vaccari Neto and former director of State Services Renato Duque are defendants in the process in final stage – it should be sentence the federal judge Sérgio Moro still in March -, for cleaning of these R $ 2,4 million through false propaganda payments.

The process is the first outcome of the investigation criminal 1363/2015, opened by the Federal Police to investigate the bribery of traffic between a cartel contractor who works at Petrobras fatiava – Setal the group – and or PT.

The contractor Augusto Ribeiro Mendonça revealed in his award-winning tipoff agreement that was passed R $ 4 million to the legend by contracts in the works of two refineries (Repar, Parana, e Replan, in Sao Paulo).

Of this amount, R$ 2,4 million were “hidden” through advertising pay for it in the Journal of Brazil, published by Graphic Attitude.

The performance of official donations to the PT and publication in the body linked to the trade unions have been asked the former director Renato Duque Services Petrobras, brokered by João Vaccari.


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