Project creates the first 'Municipal Shelter Animals' in Manaus

The proposal is Alderman Everaldo Farias.
10/02/2016 10h37 - Updated 10/02/2016 10h37

In order to meet the demand of animals gathered in the capital's streets and wreak demand Zoonosis Control Center (CCZ), that is geared especially for animals that are at risk of disease transmission, President of the Environment Commission of the Manaus City Hall (CMM) Councilman Everaldo Farias (PV) proposed the creation of the first 'Municipal Shelter Animals'.

By Indication No. 028/2015, parliamentary suggested the Manaus City Hall building and implementing a shelter returned to meet animals gathered in the streets do not pose a risk to public health. "We've had many conversations and an intense agenda with NGO representatives (non-governmental organizations) to define the best form of treatment the animals gathered in the streets. What we can not is to continue with the care of these animals in the Zoonosis Control Center ", he emphasized Everaldo.

The statement was approved by the Chair of the MWC last year and sent to the appreciation of the Mayor Arthur Neto (PSDB). The councilor says that the return of the work will seek information about the progress of the project. "We want to know from the mayor (Arthur Neto) if there is possibility of implementation of this proposal in the next two years ", said Councilman.

currently, the CCZ is the only public body that has the authority to remove animals from the streets. The action is aimed mainly animal disease transmission vector. According to the Control Center of Zoonoses, until last year, existed in Manaus about 200 thousand pets (between dogs and cats), It is at least 80 thousand are abandoned.

"Our proposal can resolve this impasse and also withdraw from the streets other animals that are at risk both for themselves and for the people. We will continue fighting for the causes of the animals', Everaldo concluded Farias.

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