Project readjusts government pension for victims of thalidomide is approved in the Senate

syndrome carriers suffer from premature aging.
17/02/2016 14h43 - Updated 17/02/2016 14h43
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Senator authored project Sandra Braga (PMDB-AM), increasing the value of the special pension, monthly life due to holders of thalidomide syndrome, It was approved early on Wednesday (17/02), the Committee on Constitution and Justice (CCJ) Senate. It was an important step to accelerate the adjustment to come into force in January 2017, if the new law is still approved this year, in both houses of Congress.

The proposal - which passed unanimously, counting on the government leader's support, Senator José Pimentel (FOR WHAT) - will now take the Human Rights Commission and, if approved, will go to the House of Representatives. Once confirmed the general expectation of support also of members of the initiative of Senator, the pension payable to the victims of thalidomide will have its adjusted tax basis in 178%.

To calculate the total amount of pension, Social Security instituted a system of nature indicators points and the degree of dependence resulting from physical deformity of the beneficiary. The initial proposal of Senator, the base value for the calculation of the benefit would be increased from the current R $ 359,63 to R $ 800,00. Responsible for reporting the matter, President of the CCJ, Senator José Maranhão (PMDB-PB), introduced amendments, setting the amount of R $ 1 thousand reais as the basis for the calculation of the benefit.

Sandra Braga worked for the approval of the amendment and thanked the rapporteur for assistance. "I do congratulate Senator for the initiative to formulate this project. We gave only a contribution to the proposal ", said Maranhão. Senator Ronaldo Caiado (DEM-GO), who had asked the project seen in December, also declared his support for the proposal and praised the initiative of Senator.

past 55 years since the registration of the first victims, those with the syndrome suffer from premature aging, which aggravates congenital malformations and brings in new costs for health professionals, medicines and surgeries. When talking about the plight of victims, Senator recalled that, despite the use of thalidomide was banned for decades, still in 2012 He was born a carrier of the syndrome child in Brazil.

"We have, therefore, the fourth generation of thalidomide victims ", said Sandra Braga, for whom the review of the benefit is a question of justice. "The state must consider, in the case of the syndrome carriers, the aging is accompanied by limitations in physical capacity, making it because of other disabilities. And this increases the expenses of the victims ", he argued.

The design inspiration arose from the senator of living with thalidomide victims. It is this proximity that allows you to say that advancing age brings significant increases in resources expenditure of syndrome patients, which makes it imperative to review the value of the pension referred to in Law 7.070, from 1982.

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