Boy plays counterfeit bills in Governor, a news in ALE-AM, and it is held

The young man is on the Party's Youth Workers (PT).
01/02/2016 11h12 - Updated 2/02/2016 12h06
Hinaldo Castro (Yellow shirt). Photo: Press Release / Facebook

Hinaldo Castro (PT).The governor Jose Melo (Pros) He spoke to reporters on the morning of Monday (1°), the Legislative Assembly of the State (OF-AM) when Hinaldo Castro, linked to the movement of the Party Youth Workers (PT) He shot him copies of bank notes accusing the governor of buying votes.

After throwing the papers, this one group started shouting: “respect our vote”. The man was arrested by police and taken to the 12th District Integrated Police (DIP).

Jose Melo said the act not the shakes and respect democracy, but he stressed that the incident is not about democracy. “I respect democracy. The democracy that is there in the dictionary. An act like this is not democracy”, stated.

The governor held the morning of the second opening of the legislative work of the year 2016.


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