Pass Free re-registration ends on 30 March

After that date, users who do not have recadastraram blocked cards.
18/02/2016 11h31 - Updated 18/02/2016 11h31
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of 34.065 entries assets in Municipal Superintendence of Urban Transportation (SMTU) for the benefit of the free pass for people with disabilities and chronic diseases, giving entitlement to gratuity access to bus Manaus of public transport, only 12.779 if recadastraram, or equivalent 37,51% of total beneficiaries. The free pass re-registration was started in 21 September last year and end on 31 March this year. After that date, users who do not have recadastraram blocked cards.

The Head of Social Service Division, Arlene Menezes, notes that all beneficiaries have to re-register, even if the card you have is within the validity. "At the time of recadastro, They are given new cards that have different model currently used. After the process of recadastro, the old cards will no longer be accepted in the collective ", he explained.

The first step is to schedule the date of recadastro, through the Internet address No site, the user will inform the CPF and confirm. Then, the date and time information will be displayed on the screen. Dates will be available until 31 March 2016. After choosing the date and time, the applicant must conduct the confirmation of information. It is important to print or write down the date and time scheduled for holding the recadastro in SMTU headquarters, located in the Barão de Indaiá, 330, Flores.

Until last January, approximately 2 thousand people missed the scheduled day for the recadastro. Who scheduled the service, but can not attend the scheduled, You need to cancel the previous schedule and mark a new day for the recadastro. The whole process of scheduling and cancellation is made on the site.

For those who have questions or want more information about scheduling, phones are available 3632-2784, 3632-2385 e 3632-2755.

The schedule is being made exclusively by Internet. For those who do not have Internet at home, the City Department of Education (semed) provided the telecentres 179 municipal schools to carry out the schedule. Internet access in telecenters will be free.

Hours of operation in the telecenters are Monday to Friday, from 10h to 11h and 16h to 17h, so that does not conflict with the use of space by the students of teaching units. The only exception will be in telecentre Municipal Complex of Special Education André Vidal de Araújo, the avenue Maceio, Centro-Sul, which will be open from 8h to 17h.

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