Northern Region will have a special plan to improve education indicators

Package targets was released on Wednesday (3) MEC.
03/02/2016 15h29 - Updated 3/02/2016 15h29
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A package of goals to improve the performance of education in the North Region was released on Wednesday, 3 of February, the Ministry of Education (GUY), In Manaus. The Articulated Action Plan was launched by the governor of Amazonas, Jose Melo, and the Minister of Education, Aloízio Mercadante, with the presence of mayors and secretaries of education of the seven states of the region. Among the measures announced is increasing the number of day care centers, reformulation of the school transport calculation, financial incentives to areas of school teachers with low HDI and high indicators of violence, plus payment of grants and training courses for teachers from the initial series of basic education.

With the Action Plan, MEC expects collude with the states and Northern Municipalities priority investments for the sector over the next four years. One focus is at the right age literacy, with the goal of zero the line of children out of school already 2016. According to a survey by the Ministry of Education, North of Brazil was below the national average on indicators such as reading, writing and mathematics performance. MEC expects to achieve over 614 thousand students who are between the 1st and the 3rd grade of elementary school. No Amazon, the measures are directed at 140 thousand students.

For Governor Jose Melo, the initiative of the Federal Government will have strong impact and, in the case of the Amazon, It will be added to the program of actions initiated by the Pact for Education, launched last year to coordinate with the Amazonian municipalities new programs and measures to improve education indicators. "We are discussing a key issue for education. The North and Northeast Brazil, over the years, They are lingering a bit in relation to national education. One of the items that most concerns us all is the issue of literacy in certain age. This program aims to bring together forces of States, Municipalities and Union to programs to be launched to achieve a shorter time to this goal ", he stressed.

Next to the mayor of Manaus, Arthur Virgilio Neto, Jose Melo said the peculiarities of the Amazon educational system and spoke of the challenges as indigenous education. "Let's start with the fact that the State has the largest indigenous population in Brazil, which imposes a duty to give our brothers the opportunity to go to schools. It is a very difficult task. we have, on the other hand, another reality which is that of all people who live in the lakes, rivers and streams scattered in the Amazon wilderness. We made a pact for education, interacting with the municipalities with resources and programs just for this equalization. One is to get to eight years with the correct age ", said the governor.

The Minister of Education said that the peculiarities faced by the northern region school system pass, now, to be taken into account with greater care. Without detailing the investments that will be used to achieve the goals, Aloízio Mercadante announced that there will be support for increasing the number of nurseries, payment of scholarship and wage supplement for managers and teachers from the initial series, the transfers of calculating the revision for school transport, creating financial incentives to attract teachers to work in schools in low HDI regions and high crime rates, as well as a specific plan for indigenous education - which will involve the creation of further specialized courses for the management of indigenous lands.

"We will go along for the next four years to define what the priorities are. We have budget constraints, everybody knows, but we will do more. The MEC's ​​priority is to have all children 4 e 5 years in school 2016. Local governments have many difficulties to achieve these goals, but we will give all the support we can to expand kindergartens and schools. Children who are out of school are the poorest. Surely, here at Amazon, they are also the bordering communities. Are those that most need to have such access ", the minister said.

The MEC's ​​proposal is to unite the state and municipal governments to launch an active search to identify some 600 thousand children in the North region that are still out of school. The package of measures announced also includes the training of education professionals. No Amazon, the expectation is to qualify 10 thousand professionals, and 9,6 thousand teachers.

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