Semed have blood collection point on Tuesday (1º)

Before collection screening is done to see who can actually donate.
25/02/2016 13h07 - Updated 25/02/2016 13h07
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The mobile unit of Hematology Foundation of Amazonas (Hemo) will be, Next tuesday, 1Th March, in the parking lot of the Municipal Education (semed), Park 10, Centro-Sul, to collect blood from the body of the servers and other donors, in the period from 8am to 12pm. The activity aims to renew the stock of blood bags of Hemoam and save lives.

The action is coordinated by sector of Server Development Management (GDS) the Semed. "The expectation of the secretariat is to involve many people as possible and achieve, at least, 60 blood bags for Hemoam ", He explained the head of the GDS, Lúcia Regina.

Before collection screening is done to see who can actually donate. The action aims to involve the secretariat crowded servers in schools, the Magisterium of the Professional Development Division (NPM), Divisions in the District and Zonal body seat, as well as other departments servers.

To donate you must present photo ID, be between 16 e 69 years and weigh up to 50kg. Besides that, the Hemoam recommends people be eating dinner the night before and have made a dejejum, reinforced on the day of donation, besides having slept at least six hours the night before and had not consumed alcohol 12 hours before donation.

Children younger than 17 years must submit a written consent of their parents or guardians at the time of screening. People who actualize the donation will be entitled to two days off, It is the first on the day of donation and other your choice, for a period of up 30 days, from the date that the person donated blood.

The Hemoam warning that anyone who was diagnosed with hepatitis after 11 years old, pregnant, mothers who are amentando and people who are exposed to blood-borne diseases, as AIDS, hepatitis, syphilis and Chagas disease, can not donate.

More information may be obtained from the Server Development Management of Semed, by telephone 3632- 2258.

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