Sergio Moro says there is evidence of bribery in election donations

There was supposed transfer of R $ 4 million to the PT via former treasurer of the party João Vaccari Neto.
15/02/2016 15h24 - Updated 15/02/2016 15h24
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Federal Judge Sergio Moro, conducting the processes in the first instance Operation jet wash, He informed the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) what, sentence in the 13th Federal Court, in Curitiba, stayed “proven directing agreed fees for Petrobras' criminal scheme for registered electoral donations”.

The statement was made in craft, attending court request, which has four procedures opened at the request of the PSDB to investigate irregularities in the president Dilma Rousseff campaign.

“Reputed been proven directing agreed fees for Petrobras' criminal scheme for registered electoral donations”, Moro reports, on Process sentence involving contractor executives Mendes Junior and Setal Oil and Gas.

The case involves the alleged transfer of R $ 4 million to the PT via former treasurer of the party João Vaccari Neto – taken, in Curitiba, since March 2015. “Per hour, is the only sentence that was rendered had wished the species as an object.”

The judge also pointed out that six “employees criminals” confirmed in court that “resources not successful scheme” They were for electoral donations “registered and unregistered”.

Are they: the money changer Alberto Youssef, the State Supply former director Paulo Roberto Costa, Engineering the former manager José Pedro Barusco Son, the group manager Setal Augusto Ribeiro de Mendonça Neto, the operator of Milton Pascowitch fees and the owner of UTC Ricardo Ribeiro Person.

“As the statements cover various subjects, It would be perhaps appropriate that to be heard directly by the Superior Electoral Court to check whether they have information relevant to the request object”, He informed the craft.

Or document, day 6, It was sent to the TSE in response to João Otávio de Noronha Minister crafts, Inspector General of Elections. The first request was sent to Curitiba in 28 August 2015. In him, We were requested data and testimonies of three informers: Person, Paulo Roberto Costa and Youssef. Two other applications requesting evidence related to share Lava Jet.

“It is technically impossible to provide this Court Distinguished copy of all criminal investigations and actions related to Operation Lava Jet, since these are hundreds of processes. No conditions, by volume, to extract hard copy or electronic”, he explained Moro, in a letter to the TSE.

no document, he sent electronic copies of the complaints offered by federal prosecutors against contractors and other leaders regarding the payment of fees. Are cases involving the Camargo Correa companies, UTC, Engevix, Galvão Engenharia, Mendes Junior, OASIS, Setal Oil and Gas, Odebrecht and Andrade Gutierrez. Were sent to the TSE still three sentences.

Moro also said that the TSE, in addition to criminal proceedings, “there are several ongoing investigations possible and incidentally may confirm other kickbacks from transfers to political campaigns”. “If something of the kind is found, I will escalate the relevant information and this Distinguished Electoral Court.”

Judge of the processes in the first degree, Moro also stated in his letter to the TSE “compared to current elected officials with privileged forum”, proceed through the processes before the Supreme Court (STF).


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