TRE-AM and City Hall sign agreement to streamline biometrics in capital

The goal is to meet 9 thousand voters / day.
23/02/2016 09h53 - Updated 23/02/2016 09h53
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The President of TRE-AM, Court judge Socorro Guedes, and the mayor of Manaus, Arthur Virgilio Neto, signed cooperation agreement in which the City gives 60 employees to work in biometric re-registration. This workforce will complement teams 11 service units now installed throughout the city.

The federal judge thanks to provision of the mayor to assist in achieving the biometric revision Manaus, what, although it is already more than a million voters re-badged, still has many outstanding voters, so that the quota will be of great value to this final period. With this increase, the posts can serve up to 9 thousand voters / day. The President also spoke of schedule, what, although offering over 45 thousand jobs a week, operates with a high demand, as many voters left to do in these last days.

also addressed the rumors that ran about mandatory biometric review to citizens over 70 years. He explained that as the vote, Biometrics is also optional for the largest 70, that although they have canceled their registration in the electoral register, not suffer any loss in social benefits or CPF.

The Mayor congratulated the Court judge the success in biometrics and reform of the headquarters building of the TRE-AM. He said it is a privilege to participate in this review process, it is a democracy-building tool.
The meeting ended with the signing of the agreement, after which both gave a news conference.

To perform biometrics, the voter should schedule on the site and must appear on the site, date and time marked with official photo ID, voter registration and proof of residence.

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