Trio arrested with 20 kg of marijuana in Itacoatiara

Delegate Denarc Thyago Tenório said the arrest was possible thanks to complaints.
04/02/2016 15h35 - Updated 4/02/2016 15h49
Photo: disclosure

police officers that make up the Department for Research on Narcotics (Denarc), in partnership with servers on the crowded Interactive Police Police (DIP) Itacoatiara, arrested in flagrante, on the afternoon of Tuesday, day 2, brothers Oliomar Sena Vieira, 31, Antonio Vieira and Marcos Senna, 32, in addition to Anthony's wife, Cleide Rodrigues Lira, 30, involved in drug trafficking in that municipality, distant 176 kilometers straight from Manaus.

According to the delegate of Denarc Thyago Tenório, the action was triggered after receiving an anonymous tip, informing the marketing of drugs in Itacoatiara. The police official said, still, that work in place had the support of the DIP team that municipality, coordinated by the delegate holder, Lazaro Santiago.

"After receiving the anonymous tip last February 1 displace one Denarc team to Itacoatiara. No place and assemble bell, around 13h Tuesday, day 2, we can make the arrest in flagrante Trio in Japiim Street, Peace neighborhood, which they were seized 20 kilograms of marijuana in the house of offenders ", he explained Tenorio.

Oliomar, Anthony and Cleide were sued in the act of drug trafficking and association for trafficking. At the end of the applicable procedures they will be taken to the Prison Unit Itacoatiara, which will be available to the Justice.

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