oil spill leaves Amazon region state of emergency

The decision came more than a month after being registered an oil outpouring in Imaza district.
29/02/2016 12h20 - Updated 29/02/2016 12h20

Peru's government said on Sunday (28) state of emergency 16 communities of the Amazon rainforest due to oil spills in the Loreto region, in the Northeast.

as, announced in the Peruvian Official Gazette and involving humanitarian aid and assistance to communities in cleaning operations, will be in force for 60 days.

The decision is made more than a month after being registered an oil outpouring in Imaza district, with a population of 23 thousand residents.

A second leak was recorded on day 3 this month in Morona district, that has 9 thousand. In both districts, residents are predominantly indigenous.

The leak occurred in parts of a pipeline built in the 1970 and managed by the state company PetroPeru, which distributes oil from the forest, the Andes Mountains, to refineries, through long route in Peru's north coast.

According to environmental experts, the spills are due to deteriorating infrastructure. The PetroPeru was fined $ 3,6 million by the lack of equipment maintenance.

Earlier this month, the government considered emergency in the health sector in the region, because the oil has polluted the rivers that provide drinking water to the affected districts.

An advocacy group of indigenous rights reported that since 2010 occurred 11 oil spills in the Amazon region of Peru.

Source: Exame.com

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