AFEAM deploys online scheduling service for the People's Bank

The tool was necessary due to the high demand for financing.
04/03/2016 15h44 - Updated 4/03/2016 15h44
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The high demand for financing micro-credit program People's Bank, Government of Amazonas, releasing loans interest 3% per year, He led the Agency of the State of Amazonas Development (Afeam) to change the scheduling system and expand the service capacity. Now, the schedule for the first visit is online, through the agency's website, and the number of vacancies for the interview and lecture, first stage of the funding process, increased 49 for 90 places per day, with one more day a week devoted to this stage of the process.

According to the president of AFEAM, Evandor Geber, or program, not next day 31 March celebrates its first anniversary, He became the flagship of loans in AFEAM, attracting a large number of interested. "Because of this success, we had a very big demand here, around 400 a 500 people a day and AFEAM the service capacity does not include all. So, we set up an online scheduling ", justified, to emphasize that the ability for the first service after the scheduling phase will also double from next Monday, day 7 of February.

On the website of AFEAM:, the client accesses the People's Bank of the link and make your registration and already has the date and time scheduled to attend the organ. According to Evandor Geber, the change brought more comfort to the customer and more tranquility to the service desk.

Launched last year by Governor Jose Melo to encourage the opening and expansion of small businesses in the capital and in the interior, as well as foster the creation of employment and income, People's Bank's operations now account 60% the credit amount released by AFEAM. R $ 136 million financed last year, R$ 78 million went to the microcredit program. Of this total, most of the credit was into the State, or what, the evaluation of the technical AFEAM, They helped move the economy in the municipalities.

The ease of loans, that does not require much bureaucracy, and the amount of interest are the main attractions of the People's Bank, which focuses on the main self-employed, farmers, individual microentrepreneurs (MAY), professionals and Micro and Small Enterprises (MPE). The financing amount ranges from $ 500 a R$ 15 one thousand, with a term of up 24 months and a grace period of up to three months for working capital. In the case of fixed investment and mixed, the deadline is 48 month and six-month grace period.

entrepreneurs – It was these facilities that encouraged Vicente Brandão joiner to take R $ 7 thousand borrowed to expand and change the focus of small joinery he has at home. "Today, people is expanded. I changed the focus of activity and I am working with the events market, that is high. I also intend to hire, no minimum, two more people to help me ", said the joiner. The business, according to him, We have had an increase of 50% in sales in three months.

Another who also embraced the opportunity and saw your small business grow was Antonia Mara Gusmão, that borrowed R $ 3 thousand to expand the grocery store from which it takes family support. according to her, what most impressed was the ease in credit taken. "No bureaucracy. I thought it would be difficult, but it was not and the interest is very low. Vale a pena”, vouched for the merchant.

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