Alert on drug use integrated strategy to reduce evasion in night school

The lectures were directed to the students of 4th and 5th stage of EJA.
23/03/2016 13h07 - Updated 23/03/2016 13h07
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The harm of drug use was performed to lecture topic 118 Education students for Youth and Adults (COME), on Tuesday night, 22, Municipal School Antônio Matias, Union neighborhood, Central South area as part of the anti-drug strategy and truancy. The lectures were directed to the students of 4th and 5th stage of EJA and integrate the actions of the Training Workshop on Service (OFS), who pointed, in a study conducted in 2015, violence and drug use are among the main reasons young people leave school.

OFS project is developed by trainers of the Magisterium of the Professional Development Division (NPM), in partnership with students and professors of the University of the State of Amazonas (UEA). At school Antonio Matias, the work of the SFO was coordinated by Professor Maria Olindina. She explained that the theme came from an analysis with students and students from the night shift last year and, from the survey, it was possible to propose measures to eliminate or minimize the difficulty found.

"At first, we conducted a survey to understand the whole educational process of the school and realize what was impacting positively and negatively at school. Then, We think what we could minimize a major reason reflecting on truancy in the night. Hence arose this time today, which officially opens training for students of the night ", he explained.

The lecture for students of the EJA was a moment of clarification and quite different than learning often daily. “The idea was to propose a debate so that students know the reality that it is inserted. Show that there is something better and different possibilities for him. And the school is fulfilling its social role, showing the student that he is prepared for school and social context ", He explained the unit manager, Rodrigo Froes. The lecture was given by members of the Living Hope Group, linked to Fazenda da Esperança.

One of the students who participated in the activities admitted he had problems with drug use and reported that moments like these helped to better understand the evil that drugs bring to life and health. "I realized how much the drug is harmful. Thanks to these moments of discussion and clarification, I pulled away and even more I became interested in studies. That is why, I find it very interesting moment. I think you should have more talk like this ", said.

In addition to the lecture, there was a musical presentation of UEA and the explanation of OFS project and how it will run on 2016, in school.

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