Alessandra Campêlo accuses Jose Melo neglect in child care with fractured arm

The child waits for a corrective surgery in the state health system five years ago.
22/03/2016 14h22 - Updated 22/03/2016 14h22
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In tough speech at the meeting on Tuesday, 22 March, the state representative Alessandra Campêlo (PMDB) blamed Governor Jose Melo (PROS) by negligence in medical care to a child who is with the fractured arm and awaiting corrective surgery in the state health system five years ago.

"Usually when I speak here not blame the governor, always call attention secretaries. But today I want to talk to the teacher Jose Melo, You sent me a message last week at a meeting that what was mine was saved. What is yours is also saved, governor, you will be punished for what is causing these people. I'm not afraid of threats or processes, I want you to answer for that boy who is five years waiting for surgery ", shot Alessandra, adding that trigger the government in the State Prosecutor's Office and the Federal Public Ministry.

Understand the case
According to a shocking article published by the newspaper last Saturday Criticism, 19 March, student Railson Lima, from 8 years, waiting since three years performing corrective surgery on his left arm Hospital Adriano Jorge.

According to the newspaper, two months ago the mother of Railson, the attendant Keithy Martins Lima, 28, He reported the problem the child has faced since fracturing his arm. In January, the State Department of Health (Sesame) He made itself available to receive the child's mother and give the necessary referrals for service. But, according to Keithy, the son of the surgery is far from done.

After Mrs complaint, the leader of the Government in the House, Mr David Almeida (PSD), positively signaled the surgery. Alessandra regretted that the case has come to this point and said it would pay a visit to the boy's mother still on the afternoon of Tuesday.

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