Amazon starts negotiations with Canada to increase foreign investment in the state

José Melo received a visit from Canada's Ambassador to Brazil, Riccardo Savone.
04/03/2016 09h33 - Updated 4/03/2016 09h33

After initiation of the deployment of new economic matrix Environmental Amazon, Governor José Melo gave segment the talks to increase international investment in state. On thursday (3), the seat of government, he received a visit from Canada's Ambassador to Brazil, Riccardo Savone and his entourage, as well as state secretaries. In this ocasion, José Melo highlighted the effort that the state government has done to ensure private investment in the Amazon.

"We talked with the ambassador about the potential of our region and also about the exchange that the country has with Canada, so that the Amazon will become a reference in the cultural field, terms of trade and also in the field related to science and technology. Therefore, a very important visit, both for the future of Canada, as for the Amazon ", strengthened the governor.

Melo also stressed the need to expand the partnership that already exists between Canada and Brazil, both in economic support, as the exchange of cultural experiences, educational and development of new technologies. As an example of these partnerships, he cited the exchange by students of public schools through Amazon Bilingual program. "Canada and Brazil are both extremely friendly countries and has commercial and cultural relationship too large. Right now, we are sending our students Bilingual Amazon to spend a season in Canada to learn English ", completed.

By highlighting the similarities between the Amazon and Canada, both the ecosystem, as for cultural diversity, amount of indigenous and investment plurality of branches, Canadian Ambassador, Riccardo Savone, stressed the importance of the two countries to work together to seek solutions to circumvent the time of economic crisis that the world faces.

“I believe that, or Canada, like Brazil, You are looking for solutions to the economic situation and that we can work together and find solutions to the difficult situation we find ourselves in now. We also want to learn more about the country and introduce my country to Brazilian friends. I can help to ensure that Canadian companies can meet the companies and opportunities that exist in the Amazon and in the country. Today, I will visit some companies and maybe we can move forward on some projects ", afirmou Savone. After the meeting, members of the Canadian Embassy followed for a series of visits to companies that invest in both Canada and the Amazon.

Already as part of the relationship between the two countries and mediated by Amazon Bilingual program, 19 students from public schools who had the highest score in the English language proficiency test at the end of Amazonas Bilingual program, will travel on Friday (4), at 3:30, for or Canada, for educational exchange. The program was implemented and funded by the State Government, through the State Department of Education (Seduc).

The duration of the exchange in Canada is 15 days and 19 Students will have access to an extensive program which aims to improve the knowledge in the English language. The selected students are part of the first class of the program.

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