Amazon takes part in the largest women's event of Muay Thai in Brazil

The athlete will be the only representative of the Amazon.
11/03/2016 09h32 - Updated 11/03/2016 09h32
Photo: Mauro Neto / Sejel

The athlete Ketlen Souza, from 20 years, will be the only representative of the Amazon in the largest women's event of Muay Thai in Brazil, o Thai Girl, which takes place this Saturday, 12, in Belem (PA). To go to the competition, the fighter has the support of the State Government, via the State Secretariat for Youth, Sports and leisure (Sejel).

Aware that the main opponents are “home”, the Amazon account you are psychologically prepared not to fall into the trap twisted. “I know it will be difficult to fight an opponent who will have all the fans in his favor, but my coach, Ricardo Thai, He prepared me for this. I hope to come away with another win and give joy to our people”, He highlighted the athlete who is prajied green.

A year ago competing, the athlete is undefeated in three fights and three wins by knockout, events that happened in Itacoatiara, Parintins and Manaus, respectively. Invincibility that the athlete intends to maintain with his first fight outside the State.

Fighting out of the house will be even more special taste for fighting. This because, the father of athlete, Your Douglas Ferreira, who lives in Bethlehem, will be in the audience along with the sister of Ketlen, Beatriz Ferreira, only 5 years old. “This fight will be very important for me, mainly by his presence, it's my sister's, I have not had the opportunity to meet personally, only photos”, stated.

Ketlen states that began to enjoy martial arts after watched some movies, among them Golden Girl, which tells the story of a boxer.

Prior to joining the muay thai, Ketlen Souza practiced another martial art, o kickboxing, when he was 17 years. After injuring both knees, the athlete stopped playing the sport for a while, It was then that he met the Thai boxing.

“I always liked to fight as a child, but I was afraid to practice some other to be considered facing sport for the male audience. But now, I can no longer stop”, said.

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