After allegations of fraud, Councilman wants to end the falsification of medical stamps

Marcelo Serafim proposes creation of registration in the Municipal Health (Sems).
02/03/2016 13h02 - Updated 2/03/2016 13h07
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Through complaints of health professionals, verified the existence of a practice that, currently, It has become quite common: falsifying medical stamps in order to get free medicine in public health and, later, sell them in order to get profits. To end this illegality, Councilman Marcelo Serafim (PSB) presented will Officers of the Manaus City Hall (CMM), this week, Indication No. 0005/ 2016 the creation of a register at the Municipal Health (Sems), so that interested companies to manufacture accredited by the stamps of health professionals domiciled in Manaus.

After the legal formalities to display asks the Director Bureau to the Municipal Secretary of Health, Homero de Miranda Neto Lion, for creating a register in Semsa. "This is a problem that harms society, mainly, those in need of remedies for disease treatments and do not have the financial means to acquire them in the private network pharmacies. "He emphasized Marcelo Serafim.

Like this, according to the parliamentary, in order to curb this crime, he proposed the creation of a register in Semsa, so that serious and legitimate companies is accredited by to manufacture the stamps of health professionals domiciled in Manaus. "Given the urgency of the case requires, hopes that such action is accepted and implemented as soon as possible. ", finished Marcelo Serafim.

In the first half of 2015, an advertisement on social networks showed a picture of a medical certificate model with registration stamp in the Regional Council of Medicine (CRM). In season, its president, He said it was common to fake certificates. Anyone could use the name of a doctor. He even advised the professionals to adopt security measures to prevent falsification of the record and even signatures. The recommendation, last year, It was to use custom stamps to hinder the action of criminals.

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