Bisol trap was put into practice

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23/03/2016 23h39 - Updated 23/03/2016 23h39
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In 1993, the rapporteur of the CPI Contractors, José Paulo Bisol, former vice Lula in 1989, also released a list of more than 200 alleged corrupt to save Odebrecht.

It's no coincidence. Once Marcelo Odebrecht was arrested, Lava-jet operation found a message on your cell. The message said: “Bisol trap / counter Info. RA? EA / View?”. The blog The Antagonist published a post at the time telling the story of what it was and how it would work the Bisol Trap.

Today, clearly, Bisol the trap was put in place.


This message Marcelo Odebrecht that PF found in your cell phone has a story that needs to be reviewed.

In 1993, PF seized 18 boxes of documents at the home of a director of Odebrecht.

Second esearchers, the documents indicated "the existence of a cartel of large contractors to defraud the public works biddings". The documents also indicated that Odebrecht had distributed bribes to dozens of lawmakers.

José Paulo Bisol, Rapporteur of the CPI of Contractors and candidate for vice president in Lula Screed 1989, He went to see a list of over 200 politicians who, according to the documents Odebrecht, They would have received gifts.

It was a trap: the Bisol trap.

Actually, many cited parliamentarians had received only gifts from contractor, like calendars and schedules. When José Paulo Bisol mixed corrupt the innocent, the corrupt were acquitted.

The CPI of Contractors, demoralized, it was filed. And Odebrecht continued with his record and his payments to politicians.

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