Attention: STF did not take Lula's investigation of the hands of Sergio Moro

By Taiguara Fernandes de Souza (on your facebook page)
22/03/2016 23h38 - Updated 22/03/2016 23h43
Photo: Fellipe Sampaio (SBT)

All the press boasts the Teori minister has withdrawn all research of federal police and passed to the Supreme Court, but it's not quite what happened. Below the comment lawyer Taiguara:

"Gentlemen, calm down. It was not given any special jurisdiction Lula, nor has taken the responsibility of Sergio Moro. Teori Zavascki ONLY asked dependent processes of telephone intercepts. ONLY THE TELEPHONE INTERCEPTIONS. Nothing else.

We did this at the outset, to investigate the issue as alleged by the Government that Rousseff and other officials with privileged forum would have been stapled. The reason was the OTHER AUTHORITIES, not Lula.

There is no change of competence, no recognition of privileged forum, no revocation of Gilmar Mendes decision. Only asked to investigate the processes related Interceptions TELEPHONE.

I remember an important fact: The process Bancoop, sent by Justice of São Paulo Sérgio Moro, where Conserino prosecutor asked the arrest of Lula, It does not depend on these listens.

By the way, Moro himself has said that the value of tapping is overestimated. There are many other more robust evidence against Lula.

Of course, the decision may have the effect of delaying things, but does not have the effect of taking the expertise of Moro.

Watch the final stretch and my highlight:

"In 22.3.2016: '... I grant the injunction to determine the suspension and referral to this Court mentioned "Break Request Data Secrecy and / or Phone 5006205-98.2016.4.04.7000 / PR" and other related procedures, them included the "process 5006617- 29.2016.4.04.7000 and related " (referred to in the act of 21.3.2016), *** as well as any other primed with the contents of the screen to intercept ***, also being given the restraining effects of the decision authorized the publication of intercepted telephone conversations. ' "

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