Increased parental leave for 20 days is sanctioned

Employees also will be entitled to up to two days to keep up with medical appointments and tests.
10/03/2016 13h44 - Updated 10/03/2016 13h44
Photo: Jefferson Rudy (Senate Agency)

The President of the Republic, Dilma Rousseff, sanctioned without vetoes, on Tuesday (8), to her 13.257/2016, establishing a Legal Framework for Early Childhood. Published in the Official Gazette on Wednesday (9), the standard establishes a set of actions for the beginning of life, between zero and six years of age. One of the innovations of the standard is the extension of paternity leave, five for 20 days, for employees of companies included in the Company Citizen Program.

Employees also have the right to up to two days to keep up with medical appointments and laboratory tests during pregnancy of his wife and one day a year to monitor child up to six years in medical consultation.

The norm, original design (PLC 14/2015), approved by the Senate in 3 of February, It establishes as priority issues to be cared for in infancy: health, feeding, education, family and community, social assistance, culture, recreation, space and the environment.

by law, public policies geared to meet the rights of children in early childhood must take into account the child's interest; include the child's participation in the definition of the actions that concern them; respect the individuality and children's rates of development; value diversity among children and reduce inequalities in access to goods and services.

They should be considered as priority areas for public policy: health, Power childhood education, family and community, social assistance to the family, culture, play and leisure, space and the environment, as well as protection against violence and consumer pressure, and the prevention of accidents.

To her 13.257/2016 It provides that pregnant women and families with children in early childhood should receive guidance on responsible parenthood, breastfeeding, complement healthy eating, growth and comprehensive child development, accident prevention and education without the use of physical punishment. The idea is the formation and consolidation of affective bonds and encouraging the integral development in early childhood.

The standard guarantees women access to health programs for women and reproductive planning and, pregnant women, proper nutrition, humanized care under the National Health System. Under the law, the woman will be entitled to a companion during the prenatal period, of labor and immediate postpartum period. The Union, os states, the Federal District and municipalities should organize play areas in public and private places where children circulate.

The expansion of early childhood education, sanctioned according to law, should ensure the supply of quality, with facilities and equipment that meet the infrastructure standards established by the Ministry of Education.

The Legal Framework also obliges the Union to maintain records with data growth and development of children. Besides that, the Union should inform the society and spent on programs and services for early childhood. The same obligation shall have the states and municipalities.

The PLC rapporteur 14/2015 not Senate, Senator Fátima Bezerra (PT-RN), He said the proposal is part of a “citizen schedule” and it is in line with the National Plan for Education and the Articulated Action Plan.

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