Barreto defends maintenance of Operation Lava Jato

For Alderman, the operation is a major watershed in the country.
30/03/2016 15h00 - Updated 30/03/2016 15h00
Photo: James Correa (CMM)

The Mayor of Manaus (CMM), Councilman Wilker Barreto (PHS), he defended, on the morning of Wednesday (30), the maintenance of Operation Lava jet until the completion of investigations. According to Parliament, Lava Jato is a major watershed in the country, and the possible errors committed by the operation are lower compared to the information it revealed.

“Lava Jet is a great divide in this country, the operation, concluded that neither, shows every citizen with the right insight - very clearly - that created a corruption machine, unfortunately, the current government. We, all of this House and the Brazilian, we have more than ever to demand that the operation Lava Jato go to the end. I do not agree with the hype, but the mistakes made by Lava Jato are lower compared to the grandeur of the information it revealed”, he explained Barreto.

Wilker stressed, still, that possible crimes, occurred in other governments - that were not prescribed by law - should be investigated also. “What the law did not prescribe that make proper calculation, what, deletions of its, to separate the wheat from the chaff, and it is established concrete facts, but want to say that the Lava Jato is a political tool, it was built with one purpose, that is to overthrow this current government, this is a joke”, he said.

The Chief Municipal Legislature highlighted, also, in his speech at the tribune, that the country is on the verge of economic collapse, shiftless, by the government, to seek improvements. “I did not want that Brazil was going through this time, Our Free Zone languishing, our trade stopping. We have to support the Justice, and charge the Lava Jato go to the end. Say it will have hit, does not grab”, concluded.

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