'Bonus’ noted in the Odebrecht spreadsheets indicate that parties and candidates received more than declared

Entre os games, PT National Directory is the star of the bonus table contractor.
24/03/2016 09h22 - Updated 24/03/2016 09h23
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Spreadsheets seized in searches and seizures in the house of CEO of Odebrecht Benedicto Barbosa Silva Junior, BJ, bring the most names of 200 parliamentary 24 parties and opens wide the reach of companies of Marcelo Odebrecht as funding campaigns of elected office holders. In addition to accounting records of legitimate political donations, tables depict dubious transfers, classified as “bonus”. In supertabelas Odebrecht, Politicians are cataloged with divisions States, party and types of applications, city ​​is, state or national. In a spreadsheet without reference to date, in the state of Sao Paulo, for example, there are lines for eleven parties, including PT, PSDB, PMDB e PSB. Even in case of official grants, the record is that there was no delivery of the original receipt of the donation in several tables with transfers to the elections 2012. It is not clear just by spreadsheets, however, if there pointed names are actually involved in criminal schemes. There are also reports for the present analyzes of federal experts clarifying the matter.

Although the supertabelas Odebrecht can not be immediately related to the company's kickback department, the outbreak of the 26th stage of Lava Jato, on Tuesday, made public the action, for about six years, restricted trusted team of Marcelo Odebrecht, divided between Sao Paulo and Salvador, and charged with a single task: pass dirty money to corrupt. sophisticated, the accounts of the bunker was made from a computer program called MyWebDay and used its own communication system, the Drousys, installed by the brother of Luiz Eduardo Soares, Email the author on “bonus” politicians. To leave no more evident traces, in the communication system, all users had a login own. Fernando Migliaccio, arrested in Switzerland trying to empty a safe, era Waterloo, Secretary Maria Lúcia Tavares was Tulia. Hilberto Silva, the boss, era Charlie.

Documents seized beyond spreadsheets give indicative of Odebrecht called election financing “illegal and illegitimate”. no day 29 August 2012, at 14:40, Luiz Eduardo Soares da Rocha, appointed by the informer and secretary of Odebrecht Maria Lucia Tavares as one of the central staff of bribery, warns Hilberto Alves da Silva Filho and Benedicto itself on payments to politicians who should be hired in the days 29, 30 e 31 of August. Hilberto is officially advisory director at Construtora Norberto Odebrecht. In practice, the head of the company's kickback department.

The priority of the message exchanged between executives is high and the list of beneficiaries includes Senators Fernando Bezerra Coelho, do PSB (300.000 real), Humberto Costa, PT (150.000 real), Armando Monteiro, do PTB (100.000 real), Mr toucan Bruno Araújo (100.000 real), Mayor Salvador ACM Neto, do DEM (400.000 real), radio host and former candidate for mayor Mario Kertesz, then the PMDB (250.000 real), the current secretary of the government of Bahia Tourism Nelson Pelegrino, PT (200.000 real), former deputy PT Carlos Martins (100.000 real) and the former governor of Sergipe, João Alves, do DEM (350.000). In the list of beneficiaries “bonus” Odebrecht, still appear references to the President of PPS as Roberto Freire “Roberto Freire / Neighbor” and a transfer indication worth 500.000 real, indicative of other 500.000 reais a “several” the state PMDB, half a million reais to also “State EN”, 400.000 real to “State PSDB” and half a million reais for both Paulinho Force on behalf of the State PDT as for the former councilwoman Sonia Francine, in the name of PPS State. The State DEM, under the heading “several”, It is recipient 400.000 real.

Entre os games, PT National Directory is the star of the bonus table contractor. Legend received, according to spreadsheets, 1,5 million reais, seguida por PSB, awarded 1,2 million reais, THE e PDT, each with 800.000 real, PP, which received 700.000 real, PMDB, with 200.000 real, and the PCdoB, awarded 150.000 real. The PSDB appears in the bonus table, but no values ​​linked to the legend. A record on the right side of the Reconciliation Accounts Expenses document 2014 catches the eye of who looks. The note says: “We were funded the entire event 2014 out of range and still receive cash costs related to 'limit’ and remittances”. As researchers of Operation Lava Jato already interpreted in another phase of the investigation, “event 2014” means elections 2014.

Since 2012 – The evidence that the contractor has allocated money “out of range” the political parties and candidates in elections, However, are not restricted to “event” that year. One of the tables in the executive Benedicto Junior details thoroughly with which parties Odebrecht financially collaborate is entitled “Bonus Payment Proposal In 06/09/2012”, date they were ongoing campaigns by municipalities.

In addition to subtitles, politicians appear in streams in BJ notes. The names have been associated with values, which should be multiplied by 1.000, as indicated by the notes of the Executive. This is the case of the governors Reinaldo Azambuja (PSDB-MS), 500, Raimundo Colombo (PSD-SC), 300, and Paul Hall (PSB-PE), 50. The name of the mining governor Fernando Pimentel (PT), already mired in suspicion in Operation Acronym, also figure notes, that, However, be preceded by generous numbers.

In other spreadsheets, no transfers records to the mayors Fernando Haddad (PT), 2 million reais, Márcio Lacerda (PSB), 3 million reais, Arthur Virgílio (PSDB), 500.000 real, Gustavo Fruet (PDT), 250.000 real, Rosinha Garotinho (PR), 1 million reais, Luiz Marinho (PT), 250.000 real, and Sebastian Almeida (PT), 500.000 real. In the same situation appear the José Serra senators (PSDB-SP), 1 million reais, Vanessa Grazziotin (PCdoB-AM), 700.000 real, and the Minister of Development and licensed Senator Armando Monteiro (PTB), 200.000 real. a simple “200,00”, in reference to transfers of 200.000 real, It is noted next to the item to “indications Edinho Silva Deputy”.

Some caciques PMDB receive honorable mention in spreadsheet Benedicto Junior. “historical partners” is the predicate associated with the President of the Senate, Renan Calheiros, the Minister of Tourism Henrique Alves, former President José Sarney and senators Romero Juca and Garibaldi Alves. In financial transfers tables, They are also considered “Historic” President of the Chamber of Deputies Eduardo Cunha, the governor of Rio de Janeiro Luiz Fernando Pezão (PMDB) and its predecessor Sergio Cabral (PMDB), President of the Legislative Assembly of Rio Jorge Picciani (PMDB), and the chairman of the Democrats José Agripino. The Big Foot and Cunha names are associated with each of the one million reais, while Cabral and Picciani appear alongside 500.000 each real. Deleted from the list of the PMDB “Historic”, Rio's Mayor Eduardo Paes is offset by figures: 5 million reais, as the BJ notes.

There are also documents that refer to the written rules of the club called the billion of contractors. The roles bring what would be the rules of a sports tournament and a tennis championship. Entitled “Sport Club Unidos Venceremos” one of the papers brings the codenames Paulistano, miner, Baianinho, Paulista, Carioquinha, Junior, New Baiano to simulate players. With similar code name, the Paulistinha account, for example, I had in Odebrecht's tuition department about 65 million balance reais in November 2015.
The operation – Spreadsheets seized with BJ concern the 23th phase of Operation Lava Jato, call Acarajé, which led to jail the showman PT, John Santana, and his wife, Monica Moura. At this stage, Secretary of Odebrecht Maria Lucia Tavares was also arrested and the documents supplied by it were crucial to the outbreak of Operation Xepa. In this last stage, investigators seized numerous spreadsheets and screens indicating a computerized system of kickbacks in which payments and their recipients are hidden by codenames and passwords, always related to high values, both in real and in dollars and euros.

“The mention of 'releases', 'Balances', 'sale off’ and 'works’ It leaves no room for different interpretation: it is parallel accounting, intended to base payments of undue advantages by group”, Report Says PF. The electronic system had even with a balance of all parallel accounts managed by sector. Stresses the PF: “At some point in 2015, the system was finished, in a clear attempt to destroy evidence”.

In the department of kickbacks, officially Structured Finance Sector Odebrecht, payment orders mostly departed Fernando Migliaccio, but there are orders records of own Marcelo Odebrecht for lending to the code name “Market”, already identified by reference to John Santana and Monica Moura. Given the avalanche of evidence, Odebrecht announced its intention to negotiate a whistleblower award agreement – the password for the widespread despair in Congress.

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