'Brazil will be ignited by strikes and occupations if impeachment and Lula in prison', says Boulos

MTST coordinator said on Tuesday acts marked on Thursday in several Brazilian cities.
22/03/2016 21h22 - Updated 22/03/2016 21h23
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Workers Movement coordinator Homeless (MTST) and the People's Front without Fear, which brings together organizations linked to social movements, Guilherme Boulos said on Tuesday, 22, that the impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff is effected and is ordered the arrest of former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, Brazil will be "set on fire by strikes, occupations and mobilizations ". "There will be a day of peace in Brazil", said.

"They may want to overthrow the government, can arbitrarily arrest Lula or anyone, They may want to criminalize social movements, but think that will do this and then will reign silence and peace of the cemetery is an illusion of those who do not know the history of popular movement in this country. Not so ", said.

"There are sectors of the market who think Dilma will take and will make the" structural reforms "that need to Brazilian society. Or escambau. This country will be ignited by strikes, by occupations, mobilizations, lockups. If until the last consequences it will not be a day of peace in Brazil ", completed.

The statements were made during a press conference that he and other coordinators of the People's Front Without Fear, to announce acts scheduled for Thursday in several Brazilian cities "in defense of democracy and an exit on the left". The mobilization has the support of artists, lawyer, economists and intellectuals.

In Sao Paulo, the organizers hope to gather 50 thousand people in Largo da Batata, the west of the capital, Starting at 17 hours. Protesters march about six kilometers to the headquarters of the Rede Globo, in the south of the city. In Rio de Janeiro will be held two acts, one in the morning and another in the Red Beach, in the afternoon, in Cinelandia. In the federal capital concentration will be in front of the Brasilia Shopping from 16 hours. also demonstrations are confirmed in Curitiba, Fortress, Recife and Uberlândia.

according to Boulos, mobilizations have goal scoring left bodies position, linked to popular movements, that they are critical to the federal government but in favor of the legality of the actions of police, Prosecutors and Justice.

"The spirit of this mobilization is to say that we are extremely concerned about this antidemocratic offensive and coup in Brazil, but at the same time we do not identify with the policy of this government. We understand that the policies undertaken by the government Dilma are indefensible. Defend democracy means not defend this government ", said.

In addition to the questions of the government, the convening of the acts manifest makes harsh criticism of the role of the judge Sergio Moro, leading the investigation in the first instance operation Lava Jato – which has as its background the forceful and Lula prison eminence – and media.

"It is not today that the Brazilian government is selective. Adopting the exception of Justice rule is always in urban peripheries, against poor and black. defense right here never existed ", the text says. according to Boulos, TV Globo has been chosen as a target because it is a symbol of the action of "conservative and coup forces".

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